Makeup Artists of Kent State to Celebrate Black History Month

Makeup Artists of Kent State plan to celebrate Black History Month at their meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 23 in Bowman room 137. Makeup Artists of Kent State gives makeup enthusiasts a place where they can share their love for makeup, share their knowledge and learn more, according to club

Kent State CHAARG

Body positivity is a constant reoccurring issue that will never go out of style, especially in our society today. With celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Victoria’s Secret models walking the runway, the stigma for girls today to have that “perfect body” or be #bodygoals is greater than ever. Sometimes finding the

Winter Skin Routine: Remedies for All Skin Types

In Ohio, we see climate change like no other; from rain to snow in just one day, it’s hard to keep up. This constantly changing weather can not only take a toll on your mood, but more importantly, your hair and skin. Trying to avoid Hermione Granger hair feels with

How to Pull Off Menswear

Let’s face it, the trend of looking messy is taking the world by storm, and having the perfect piece that fits this undone, masculine look is key. Your one place to go? Your dad’s wardrobe. Yep, from oversized flannels to those retro 70’s shirts, these staples are coming back. There’s

The Biggest Trends of 2016

With only a few months left in 2016, the trends that have hit big this year are still going strong, yet also constantly changing. A cool, ever continuous concept about fashion is that statement trends, even if they fade out of style for a few seasons here and there, are

Your Home Away from Home

Moving away from the home you’ve know all your life can be hard, and transitioning into the college lifestyle can be even harder. New classes, new schedules, and new friends can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, so it’s important to have your own tranquil space to relax and call home