Racism in Advertising

In 2017, it seems as if being politically correct is more important than ever. You would think that marketing teams and advertisers would take this into consideration, but that is not always the case. Institutionalized racism has played its role in multicultural marketing for many decades. Typically, there are five signs

It’s Cleveland Against the World

The Cavaliers. West Side Market. The Grog Shop. Little Italy. All places and things make you think of Cleveland, Ohio. Over the last two years, the area has been trying to rebrand and attempt to attract new business and tourists. The “Destination Cleveland” organization has an ambitious goal for 2020:

Make America Think Again

There is much debate over whether or not protesting has any real effect on social change. Can you blame anyone? Walking for miles with picket signs and yelling until your lungs grow raspy does not seem like the most efficient way to get a point across. Plus, there are sometimes

Love and Lashes: Men in Makeup

If you look at photos taken throughout the decades, it’s pretty notable how beauty trends have changed. I mean, seriously. Look at pictures of your parents in their younger years; I bet your mom is sporting some variation of colored eyeshadow with enormous wavy hair, and your dad is wearing