Healthy College Eating

Being an on-the-go college student often makes healthy eating hard to plan for. Eating right is part of being an independent college student, which is what many of us are striving to be. Pinterest makes for a great source of ideas for almost anything, including healthy eating. There are a number

Jaden Smith

Unique, humanistic even freaky or odd. To some people, Jaden Smith’s way of thinking might seem a little off the wall. However, there can be little denial that he has interesting points of view. “My whole goal is to heal the entire planet,” Jaden said in an interview with Time magazine.

Androgynous Fashion and College Culture

Androgyny is an ever growing trend that has officially made the journey to the United States. While America is certainly not the first culture to embrace gender fluid fashion, many designers are making it very clear that the trend is here to stay.  In fact, some prominent designers including Veer NYC,

Get Your Study On

There is a lot of stress to college life. There is work, school and of course, the occasional social life. How about the reason we are actually here? To learn. There is no point really to attend school if grades are not a major priority. The best way to learn is to

Budget Your Life

Money management is something that can make or break the average college student. Even before graduating, money can have a more pivotal role in life, especially when debt is involved. This can become overwhelming if left unchecked and includes not only bank and student loans but credit cards as well. For