Insta-ration: Instagram Blogging Basics

Achieving the perfect Insta feed is a full-time job. Many wonder how to stay consistent with their personal aesthetic with each post to maintain a pristine account. Instagramers who that follow one cohesive theme and incorporate the “blogger look” are all the rage. A Mag sat down with a few

Ditch The Myths

Wear whatever you want with zero fear. Often times people in our lives love to dictate what certain body types can and cannot wear. It’s time to think for ourselves, debunk style rumors and break style barriers. These are a few of A Mag’s styling tips on how to ditch

How to Be a Total #Bossbabe This Semester

If your first semester goals didn’t quite turn out how you planned, fear no more. With 2017 upon us, let’s all promise ourselves that this year will be our year. Many of us declare new year’s resolutions that improve our well-being, but those vows sometimes require a little extra inspiration