Holiday Wish List 2016

All of us over here at A Mag are yearning for Christmas break, and we know you are, too. To get yourself through these next few weeks and into the Christmas mood, take sometime out of your day to work on your 2016 holiday wish list. To make figuring out

Alicia Keys #NoMakeup

This previous May, Alicia Keys wrote a piece for Lena Dunham’s Hearst Media publication, Lenny Letter, discussing her feelings on going makeup-free. In her piece, Time to Uncover, she wrote, "Women are brainwashed into feeling like we have to be skinny, or sexy, or desirable, or perfect. One of the

Solange: A Seat at the Table

With the release of Solange Knowles’ third album, “A Seat at the Table,” she has already secured the spot of one of the best albums of the year, next to the likes of her sister Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye and others. “A Seat at the Table,” is compiled of 21 tracks

Curvy Insta’s Worth the Follow

Here at A Mag, we are living for this body-positivity movement. All shapes and sizes are flowing throughout this world, as well as on our very own campus. There is nothing worse than seeing people get put down for their lumps and bumps. I say, if you’ve got curves, flaunt