Which to Buy, a Tablet or an E-reader?

Technology has become an important part of our lives, smartphones and laptops, and wearables like smartwatches or activity counters are seen in almost every household. If you are considering adding a new piece of technology to your collection, it can be a little tricky knowing if the price is worth

More Than One Love

The door beeps, and a woman enters. She scans the shelves of accessories looking for something specific. Approaching the counter, she asks about thin leather bracelets for her husband. Tim Huth, One Love Yoga & Boutique owner, replies that they are sold out, and he picks up their display rack

Fashionably Able

*(dis)ABLED BEAUTY: the evolution of beauty, disability, and ability. Nike and Tommy Hilfiger have two unexpected similarities; both companies have designed and created fashion for differently-abled people. Nike created the FlyEase after a young man with cerebral palsy wrote a letter to Nike’s CEO. Tommy Hilfiger then partnered with Runway of

What is Mindfulness Anyway?

“Mind this, mind that, become mindful.” Mindfulness has become the latest lifestyle craze, but what on earth does being mindful truly mean? In some context, it means making healthy choices or smart consumer purchases, while in other, it determines how to interact with yourself and others. Mindfulness is everywhere, and maybe

Vegan Beauty Products

It’s true that most people prefer knowing the ingredients and sources of foods and what we put into our bodies for fuel rather than not. We also know we feel better when we eat something that’s organically and all naturally made in comparison to greasy, fried foods. However, most people

An International Chat

Francesca Pinillos Ruiz, a senior Fashion Merchandising major from Peru, and Beatrice da Costa, a freshman Fashion Design major and international exchange student from Brazil sat with A Magazine to talk fashion, their home countries, the United States and school. Fashion isn’t as admired in their home countries as it is

End the Semester On a Strong Note

Fortunately, the semester is over halfway done, which means it is time to prepare for the madness that entails with the end of the semester. Final projects are being introduced and before we know it, final study guides will be distributed. So, here is a list to make the end

What to Wear for Test Day

It’s test day, and you’ve stayed up late for the last three nights studying. You wake up exhausted, but you get an extra large coffee prepared to take your test. As you walk into class, you notice half the class looks like they slept less than you, while the other

How Moms Can Influence Personal Style

Mom Knows Best For many, a mom is our biggest fan, our support system and our biggest critic. It may not be Mother’s Day, but let’s take a second to imagine where we would be without our special person. When it comes to fashion, our mothers were the first people to influence