Sustainability at Kent Fashion Week

Sustainable fashion is one of the most necessary trends the industry could have ever seen.  Fulfilling a social responsibility to be environmental friendly, A Magazine chatted with three senior designers featured in Kent Fashion Week who have a particular perspective on how their designs are made. Katryn Seeburger, senior fashion

The Hybrid Cultural Costumes: International Talent and Fashion Show

The Office of International Student Affairs and International Student Council hosted their first International Talent and Fashion Show on the night of March 17 at the Kent Student Center Ballroom. International students participated in the event by showcasing fashion on the runway and performing traditional dancing. Paige Pinijkuldee, a sophomore fashion merchandising

Einstein’s Attic

Across from Cherry Street, a little store with a special name, Einstein's Attic, attracts people with a curiosity to find out what’s inside. "They don't know what we are carrying; that's a mystery," owner Sherry Dakes said. "People who shop in here can't get a feel of what they really want.

How Goodwill Helps College Students Save Money

According to Goodwill's Customer Loyalty program, the Goodwill Club had 198 members with a '' email addresses. Miranda Skitzki, junior fashion design major, said the ‘goods’ in Goodwill are inexpensive. "They have a lot of variety but that are still cheap items, and lots of them are still in good condition,"

Blue Boutique Closed Permanently In Downtown Kent

Blue Boutique, a Goodwill store with a different name, which stocks designer clothes with pricing similar to that of Goodwill stores, closed permanently January 28, 2017.   Based on the performance of the Kent location, Goodwill decided to make the difficult decision to not renew the lease. Jennifer Bako, the Internal and