Meet the Designers: Kent Fashion Week

Each year, the student-run Kent Fashion Week is held to feature the thesis collections of graduating seniors from the fashion design program at the Fashion School at Kent State. The presentation-style event allows friends, family and fashion supporters to view students’ collections up close, while having a chance to speak

Preview: Kent Fashion Week

If you couldn’t make it to the Fashion School’s Annual Fashion Show, don’t worry; you’re in luck. From May 4 through May 7, Kent Fashion Week will be in full effect. On May 4, 5 and 6, there will be presentation-style exhibitions held from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at

Sustainability at Kent Fashion Week

Sustainable fashion is one of the most necessary trends the industry could have ever seen.  Fulfilling a social responsibility to be environmental friendly, A Magazine chatted with three senior designers featured in Kent Fashion Week who have a particular perspective on how their designs are made. Katryn Seeburger, senior fashion

Meet the Model: Megan Rogerson

What makes the Fashion School at Kent State rank 19th around the world? This program includes one of the most substantial fashion museums in the country, offers once in a lifetime study abroad opportunities in Florence and New York City and provides merchandising and design students the chance to express

How Lifting can Make a BIG Difference

Stereotypically, some women feel that adding any sort of heavy weight or strength training to their workout regimen will make them bigger and bulkier. That is simply not the case, so A Magazine researched and examined the facts about this common misconception. When lifting, a common myth among women is

Insta-ration: Instagram Blogging Basics

Achieving the perfect Insta feed is a full-time job. Many wonder how to stay consistent with their personal aesthetic with each post to maintain a pristine account. Instagramers who that follow one cohesive theme and incorporate the “blogger look” are all the rage. A Mag sat down with a few

Pro Hijab

On Monday, March 6, 2017 Nike unveiled their first Pro Hijab for female muslim athletes. Nike, known for catering to the needs of athletes, created their first ever hijab. The hijab is made of polyester fabric with small holes placed for ventilation. The resilient material of the Pro Hijab allows for

Ditch The Myths

Wear whatever you want with zero fear. Often times people in our lives love to dictate what certain body types can and cannot wear. It’s time to think for ourselves, debunk style rumors and break style barriers. These are a few of A Mag’s styling tips on how to ditch