1970s Fashion, Coming Back in a New Way

By Candace Sanders

1970s fashion is typically thought of as the chic, bohemian era with flowy maxi dresses, fringe and peasant blouses. The trends from the 70s have made a comeback before, but they have returned in a unique way recently. For that, we can thank designers and style influencers who have gathered inspiration from this iconic era and the trends it brought to us.

Turtlenecks & Miniskirts

Miniskirts are back in a variety of fabrics and patterns: denim, striped, plaid, leather; you name it and there is probably a miniskirt made from it. The main trend though, is the plaid skirt in its magnificent preppy form. Rag & Bone had a skirt featured in their fall 2017 show this year, styled with graphic tees and oversized sweaters.

Usually, people pair their skirts with the classic turtleneck. Turtlenecks are no longer just the shirt that your mom would make you wear in the winter as an extra scarf. They have become a staple in wardrobes and have been seen all over the runway this month in the Phillip Lim or Kate Spade show. Danielle Bernstein, creator of the blog We Wore What, has been perfecting this style for some time.

Genderfluid Clothing

Genderless clothing has always been a trend, but women are seriously embracing menswear this season. Wearing men’s three-piece suits with ties is the new trend. Diane Keaton has been one to always support this trend, but it all started with her iconic outfit in Annie Hall in 1977: the wide legged pants with a vest and a statement hat.

Designers are looking back to this look and bringing it into their collections. J. Crew did it best this year with their wide leg pants being a main focal point to their line. Thom Browne highlighted many looks that were influenced by menswear. Leandra Medine, the founder of Man Repeller, has been photographed wearing wide leg pants and men suit pieces in her street style recently as well.

Camel Coat

Any fashion forward person who lives in a colder climate knows that to make it through the winter you must have a warm coat that represents your sense of fashion. This year, more and more people are going back to the classic camel colored coat, using it as a base to get more creative with their winter accessories.

It also goes along with the trend of minimalist fashion with its soft, neutral palette. Camel coats appeared in both Maison Rabih and Max Mara’s fall 2017 shows. Ali McGraw wore one in her role of Jennifer Cavalleri in Love Story in 1971, making them popular then and now.

Round Wide Glasses

In both Love Story and Annie Hall, the leading ladies wore round sunglasses. Presumably, they needed them to see while filming, but they made a statement as well. Now, they are accessories many people are making a part of their wardrobes, whether or not they need them to see. Many bloggers like Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde and Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam add the big frames to their outfits.

Statement Hats

The 1970s trend of floppy, bohemian hats adds a statement to an outfit making it stand out. People have been turning to less of a wide brim hat and more toward a fedora shape with a smaller brim, similar to those of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. Videographer and blogger Hailey Devine sports them often to take her more minimalistic outfits to the the next level.

Many designers look back at the history of fashion to see what trends worked or not to draw inspiration from. The 1970s upholds an effortless, chic style, but designers are looking at more than just the stereotypical looks. They are expanding upon the fashion of that era for years to come.



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