editor’s playlist: cheyenne amabeli


Photography by Amelia Woodcock

I have a crazy playlist. I can go anywhere from Meatloaf to Kesha in the span of one song. Right now though, I have been hardcore into classic rock and most of my playlist is either that or pop punk, or straight pop. Right now my favorite song is “Wasted Youth”/ “Everything Louder Than Everything Else” by Meatloaf, this song brings back so much nostalgia for me every time I hear this song I go back to the times when my mom and I would scream this song in the car. 

In my playlist I included “Rainbow” by Kesha, this song came out in a moment in my life where I was so depressed and this entire album really helped me through that, to the point that I have the lyrics tattooed on my ribs. This entire album was a blessing to me and I had to pay tribute to this no matter how small a tribute.

Next, I have “Lately” by Ed Sheeran, most people know this song as the “The A Team” by him, but this is the original version of this song and honestly I think it is so much better than the more popular version. Ed Sheeran makes me feel really nostalgic because he was the first concert I ever went to, also with my mom, and he’s overall just an amazing artist. 

Of course, my playlist had to have a sad bitch song, it’s just a must to me which is why I included “I Caught Feelings” by Layna and “when the party’s over” by Billie Eilish. I mean who can go wrong with Billie Elish, she is an amazing artist and her story is so inspiring. Also, the fact that her brother and her are so close even though they work together and are also working towards their own musical careers is something to be amazed by. The other song I mentioned “I Caught Feelings” is by another amazing artist who is not very well known but I wouldn’t be surprised if she does become well known here soon.