editor’s playlist: john harris

art: kendra taylor

For me, music has always been a pivotal part of my day-to-day experience. Starting your morning with the perfect song can give you the push you need to get through a stressful day. Having the right playlist in the background of a transitional period can help you process emotions you didn’t even know you had. Music has an emotive quality about it that, I feel, reaches a universal audience.

With warm weather on the horizon and Spring not too far off, the playlist I’ve curated is one that’s super upbeat and vibrant. The playlist starts with a smooth disco-influenced feel with songs from Kaytranada, Tinashe, Chloe x Halle and Sza. Then the intensity picks up with vocal-heavy tracks from Beyoncé, Azealia Banks, Bree Runway and Jazmine Sullivan. Towards the end, the playlist takes a turn into an electro-pop, Eurodance kind of feel with songs from 070 Shake, Kelly Rowland, Kelis and Dawn Richard.  

This is the perfect party playlist whether it’s just you by yourself or a room full of people. The vigorous production accompanying the lively vocal displays are sure to give you a great boost when needed. I hope you enjoy!