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Top Trends Worn Amongst Kent State Students This Season

Photos by Sophie Kannberg, Model: Victoria Black,

It’s no secret that things are looking different this school year at Kent State. With [mostly] remote learning and fewer reasons to leave the house than ever before, students are dressing a bit differently than usual. Today, we’re recapping some of the most common fashion choices among students so far this semester. It’s safe to say, anything comfy goes this year!

Solid masks 

Never in a million years could trend forecasters have predicted that masks would be on the top of our fashion priorities list, but here we are. Being about halfway through the school year I’ve noticed most students have swapped out their Kent State logo mask for something a bit more fashionable. Rather than bright colors and loud prints, most students have been seen wearing something simple and solid. Who can blame them? Masks have quickly become a fashion statement, so one that matches your outfit is a necessity. 

Flannels layered over hoodies

Flannels certainly aren’t a new fall fashion trend, but they are something that’s being worn in a  whole new way this season. Rather than wearing your favorite flannel buttoned up over leggings, try leaving it open with a cozy hoodie underneath. Slip into jeans and chunky sneakers to finish off your outfit. There’s something so effortless about this combination and yet it’s super cute. Plus, it’s not just for girls, several guys across campus have been sporting this combination with their favorite sports jersey layered over top of a sweatshirt and beneath the flannel for an added layer. 

White sneakers 

While the rest of the world seems to be moving on from the chunky white “dad” sneakers trend, Kent State students have not. It goes to show that the fashion cycle in the world of retail moves much faster than your average person. While stores have already moved onto the next trend, students have just gotten ahold of the sale price and are picking up this trend a bit later. Whether it be a pair of Air Force 1s, the classic chunky Filas, or a pair of Adidas running shoes, it seems like everyone across campus is wearing white sneaks!

Thick hoops and slicked back buns

Hailey Bieber and the McDonald sisters deemed thick hoops with a slicked-back bun the new “classic” therefore, everyone has hopped on board giving this trend a try. How could you resist? Gold hoops can be found for under $20 from almost any retailer this season and nothing saves third-day hair quite like a tight low bun. This duo is effortless and can dress any outfit up or down. 

Pleated skirts

Every time I step foot into the fashion school I see at least one person sporting TikTok’s infamous collared shirt layered underneath a sweatshirt with a pleated tennis skirt outfit idea. I have to admit, I wore it myself last week and received tons of compliments from fellow students. Hope you didn’t throw out your high school uniform — it’s back and better than ever this season!

Styled sweats 

There’s no easier piece to wear to class or the dining hall than a trusty pair of sweatpants. Students everywhere have been seen sporting their favorite pair in new ways this season. The most popular style around campus seems to be with a cropped, distressed tee and a pair of sneakers. A few layered gold necklaces and hoops dress up your comfies in no time. Loungewear seems to be on everyone’s radar and with another semester of remote learning on the horizon, this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! 

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