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recreating the street-wear-chic style

Inspiration photos are from NordicStyleReport

When the start of spring meets Ohio’s unpredictable weather, it’s always better to have on an extra layer or two. What better way to embrace the season than with a stylish new coat? Lately, I’ve been using the Instagram page @NordicStyleReport for fashion inspiration in the colder months. The page is dedicated to all the neutral-lovers out there who like to keep their fashion looks powerfully understated. 

Their page is a perfect blend of sophisticated and casual, which means there are endless possibilities for recreations with the basics you have in your closet. They have a heavy focus on neutrals like white, black, tan and brown and often pair these solids with simple prints like plaid. I call this style street-wear-chic. You can wear your favorite simple elements from street-wear looks like mom jeans, and then layer a professional-looking coat over it to look instantly more put together. 

What I love most about this style is the fact I can reuse items from my work outfits and make them more casual. If I’m going straight from work to go out to eat, I’ll keep my work pants on and change my blouse into a cozy sweater or sweatshirt. It’s all about dressing down your professional pieces and dressing up your casuals. I wanted to see if it was really that simple, so I took some of my favorite looks from the page and did my own version of them with pieces I already had in my closet. 

Recreation #1: Casual yet classy 

The original                                      vs.                 My recreation 

This look was the easiest to recreate. I grabbed a pair of my classic Levi mom jeans and paired it with a high-neck, loose-tucked sweater. The black overcoat on top of my sweater just brings everything together for a classically casual layered outfit. If the sun decides to peep out, I can remove my coat and be comfortable in my light sweater. 

Recreation #2: The Neutral Blend

The original                                                        vs.                     My recreation

The main aspect of this look is not having too much contrast. I went with a crewneck that slightly blended in with the color of my tan coat, a pair of light-wash straight leg jeans from American Eagle and my casual vans. 

Recreation #3: ‘60s in the Street

The original 

My recreation 

The main staple of this look is the plaid print, but since I don’t have a plaid coat, I decided to go for plaid-printed pants instead. I kept the rest of the look pretty similar to the original, with a black knit turtleneck and a tan coat that matches my pants. This whole look gives me ‘60s vibes, but with a modern twist, perfect for a breezier day of spring. 

Recreation #4: A Neutral Moment

Inspiration photos are from NordicStyleReport

The original                                              vs.                  My Recreation 

I tried to use coordinating colors again with this look, matching the color of my coat to my cropped sweater. I paired it with some cuffed jeans and my suede loafers. Though I didn’t have a brown sweater to match the original, I tried to keep the same neutral feel going. 

Inspiration photos are from NordicStyleReport

This last look wasn’t modeled off any specific looks from @NordicStyleReport, but I tried to use elements from all the other looks I’ve recreated so far. I paired my professional work pants with a cropped, long sleeve shirt. I think the long black overcoat balances everything out.

I think this style is perfect for people who like to make subtle statements with their fashion choices. All of these looks are centered around loose tucks, simple prints and high neck lines paired with cozy overcoats. I guarantee you have everything in your closet to recreate these outfits or create one of your own, because this style blends the basics everyone already has. Even better, by having simple layering pieces, you can easily dress down or dress up depending on the occasion. I had so much fun recreating these looks and I think now I have a better sense of how to recycle my work outfits into everyday-wear. 


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