Boxy Charm vs Ipsy


Illustration is by Marina DiFranco

For a little over a year, I was subscribed to IPSY. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a monthly makeup subscription service that gives you five trial-size products every month. Every month I received a cute bag and new makeup products that could be anything like primers, lipsticks, moisturizers, hand lotions, or skin products. It was fun looking forward to new makeup every month, knowing that one of those products would be something I specifically picked out. 

After a while, I was sick of my IPSY products not lasting. They are only trial-sizes, so if I liked the products and used them every day, I would go through them in about a week or two. The whole point of me subscribing to IPSY was so I could limit my spending on makeup, but the trial sizes weren’t enough to use long-term for that to happen. I was spending $15 a month for IPSY while still having to replace my usual makeup products on top of it. Long story short, I was wasting money. 

IPSY exposed me to a lot of new brands that I would never have known about otherwise, but the trial sizes overall were not sustainable for someone like me who takes their makeup stock very seriously. Towards the end of my subscription with IPSY, I was also growing frustrated with their shipping speeds. I understand there are delays for online deliveries because of COVID. However, my IPSY bags would take weeks to ship and I often would not get my monthly box until the very end of that intended month. Their delivery seemed to almost defeat the purpose of their “monthly” themes. IPSY is still a fantastic subscription service, but I think it’s best for makeup beginners who don’t need full-size products or who aren’t interested in a huge makeup investment. 

I discovered BoxyCharm through Kathleen Lights, a makeup guru on YouTube. I thought the idea of receiving full-size products would be better for my makeup habits since it would prevent me from having to replace my products so quickly. BoxyCharm also offers more high-end brands which I liked since IPSY’s brands were usually a little less well-known. 

I’ve been subscribed to BoxyCharm for about three months, and so far I’m very satisfied with the service. For one, their delivery is extremely fast so I don’t have to wait until the end of the month to get my new makeup. Secondly, I’m liking the types of makeup products I receive with BoxyCharm a lot more than what I received with IPSY. I’ve already gotten three new full-size eyeshadow palettes that are normally around $30. For just $25 a month, I get that plus four other products. 

My March box with BoxyCharm was one of my best yet, so I thought I’d share the products I received.

Lime Crime – Venus 3 Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is more pink-toned, which is perfect for me. I usually opt for pinker shades with eyeshadow palettes because they compliment my green eyes. You have to dig into the pigment a bit for some of the more shimmery shades, but you can get the pigment to stand out a bit more by spraying your brush with a setting spray. Fortunately, I received a setting spray in this month’s box!

Maven Beauty – Maven Rose Water Setting Spray

This setting spray is great to use for setting my eyeshadow as I mentioned, but it has also helped my makeup to last without smudging. The scent is a bit strong when you first use it, but it fades quickly. If you’re looking for a new setting spray, I highly recommend this one! 

Too Faced-Damn Girl! Mascara

I was so happy to receive this in my box, and it was actually the product I picked out. I’ve used this mascara before and loved it, but I never felt like spending the money to buy a full-size of the product again. I love how this mascara separates my lashes while still giving them that full look. It lasts all day without any fall-out and is super buildable for more intense makeup looks. 

KAB Cosmetics-Hydrating Lip Oil

I usually don’t go for glosses, but this one surprised me. A little goes a long way, and it’s as hydrating as it claims to be. As always, glosses can be a tad sticky — my boyfriend definitely isn’t a fan — but I like it for natural looks when my lips need a little something to stay hydrated. It also adds great shine on top of matte lip colors. 

Lavish-Wet Brush Cleaning System

I’ll admit it…I can’t remember the last time I washed my makeup brushes. I’m horrible, I know. That’s why I was so excited to receive this convenient little cleaning system in my box! Inside the container is what looks like a mini soap bar, and the lid is textured to work as a cleaning tool for your makeup brushes. All I have to do is dampen my makeup brush, glide it on the soap and use the textured lid to clean off all the caked-on makeup. It’s a perfect, portable system for lazy girls like me who don’t wash their makeup brushes nearly enough. 

Overall, I’m happy I made the switch from IPSY to BoxyCharm because the products I’ve received last so much longer. I feel like I’m getting the full experience with all these new products I’m trying, so it’s well worth the money. In the battle of the beauty boxes, I’d say BoxyCharm has won me over.


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