exploring nyc: september editorial photoshoot


photography by esther luo, model is maria wharton

Exploring New York City with my friends and finding a shoot location: the world feels so big, so small, so overwhelming, yet so intriguing with every passing market, park, thrift shop to explore. We walked till our feet were blistered and bruised and still continued on after because there was still more we wanted to see and do. Rooftops became a theme. From there, we could get a moment elevated from such a busy and fast paced city life. We would run up the eight flights of spiraling stairs for more moments up high. At night in Kent, we had stars. At night in New York, we had small, square windows. Each window, a different life, so overwhelming to take in, but so exhilarating to feel lost in a city with so many people that it felt like counting Kent’s stars to count New York’s strangers.

For four days, we had the world to explore in the city that felt more like home with the more people we met and more parks and neighborhoods we began to familiarize ourselves with. I feel so grateful for the nights I spent there, and this shoot was one of the moments that took place so sporadically it felt like I was just photographing our everyday life there. Modeled and styled respectively by my lovely friends Maria Wharton and Mia Deno. Maria wears an all thrifted look for the night.


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