is the dyson airwrap worth the cost? 


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This past holiday season, one of the hottest gifts on the market included Dyson’s new Airwrap Complete Kit styler. As the product was introduced to the world, it quickly went viral on social media platforms specifically, TikTok, an app Gen Z has been obsessed with since the start of the pandemic. Both those with large and small followings on the platform began creating content with the kit in order to share with the world their own results of this extremely expensive purchase. This sparked a lot of positive attention for Dyson’s latest invention right before Christmas of 2021. So much so that today the kit is still completely sold out.

Introducing Dyson and its Newest Invention 

Dyson, a brand known for its award-winning vacuums, introduced an innovative and unique way for individuals to style their hair without involving an extensive amount of heat. Dyson produced a hair styler kit that uses the Coanda air effect, “the phenomena in which a jet flow attaches itself to a nearby surface and remains attached even when the surface curves away from the initial jet direction,” and a propelled digital motor to produce a wide variety of hair styles for multiple hair types.  

Sounds awesome right? Well, there’s just one catch…the kit totals in at $550.

What is Included with the Complete Dyson Airwrap Kit? 

Now you are probably wondering, “What could possibly make a hair dryer this expensive?”

For starters, the complete kit includes eight attachments: a round volumizing brush for textured volume, two 1.6 inch barrels to produce voluminous curls, a pre-styling dryer, two 1.2 inch barrels to produce a more casual curl, a soft smoothing brush for a silky and straight finish, and a firm smoothing brush for a smoother and straighter look. The kit also comes with a leather storage case to help travel with the product easier.

Influencers Have a Say 

To help decide whether or not Dyson’s advanced kit is truly worth the price tag, the influencers posting reviews gave their followers a first-hand experience of what to expect while using it. 

For example, beauty vlogger Kathleen Fuentes, better known across her platforms as @kathleenlights, pounced on the chance to share with her 4.16 million YouTube subscribers her raw, honest opinions on Dyson’s Airwrap.

With over 2.5 million views, Fuentes’s video shared the results of each attachment provided with the purchase of the complete styler kit. 

Pros and Cons

Early on in her video, Fuentes mentions how Dyson is a “pricey brand,” and that her “love” for Dyson’s original blow dryer will stop her from ever buying from another brand again. She also states that Dyson’s “blow dryer alone is $400,” so “the kit is more worth it because you get a lot more.” Fuentes said she was impressed with how lightweight the attachment was, despite it being a larger tool. She suggests that individuals would just have to “adjust to it and figure out how to hold it properly.” 

Additionally, Fuentes was impressed with the fact that the product never uses extreme heat, making it the perfect product for individuals who struggle with heat damaged hair. She adds that you decide which setting you prefer the product to be set on (high, medium or low heat), but that “it will never heat over 120 degrees!” 

Furthermore, self-described “hair care junkie” Julissa Guillen,  also provided her 90,500 YouTube subscribers with a video testing Dyson’s Airwrap on her curly hair, sharing her sincere review to over 1 million viewers. Guillen described her final blowout with the words: “volume, bounce and a lot of shine.” 

Similarly, both Guillen and Fuentes noted that while using the product, the dampness of your hair has to be perfect. They also both shared the experience of the product “pulling/catching their hair,” as well as it “burning the back of their necks.” 

Despite these comments, both women overall seemed to be very pleased with their expensive purchase. For instance, Fuentes stated that the product was “priceless,” and that “it does a great job of curling your hair.” Guillen also expressed her opinion exclaming that the product is “just on another level.”

Deciding Is it Worth it? 

Taking into consideration the experiences of both of these women, it is clear that the product ultimately has both its positives and negatives. From the price tag to the impressive innovative attachments, only you can ultimately decide whether or not the Dyson Airwrap is truly worth the cost.

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