six ways to get rid of unwanted clothes without waste


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Spring has sprung and it’s almost time to switch into gear for the warmer weather. Even though you might feel the urge to purge the clothes you are no longer wearing from past seasons, don’t just throw them away yet! Here’s a list of activities with the help of Allison Connet, a fashion design major at Kent State University, to keep in mind for this year’s spring cleaning! 



The term “upcycling” means, reusing a material to create a new and higher quality product than its original. With that, people can easily go into their closets and pick out clothes that they no longer wear, and simply go on YouTube for a step-by-step tutorial. Needless to say, a person can also plan and design out beforehand as well on what they want to transform their previously-loved item to become into. But with upcycling, people have to take precautions when it comes to drafting a pattern or creating waste, which can defeat the purpose of upcycling. Make sure to give a use to every piece of clothing or else it would become downcycling.


Giving to Relatives and Friends

When reorganizing a closet, a lot of people tend to make a pile of clothes that are no longer in use. Instead of just throwing them away or donating them, offer those clothes to family members and friends. Not only will it decrease the pile of clothes, but those clothes also get a chance to have a second life. You’ll never know if someone needed or wanted those clothes until you ask! 


Offer to Fashion Majors 

Here at Kent State University, there are fashion majors everywhere looking for new clothes to buy or even to upcycle them. The majority of them head over to various thrift stores and the Goodwill bin to find their next outfit. So, why not offer them the opportunity to look through the “discard pile” and let them see what their imagination can do with those clothes? 


Clothes Swap

A clothes swap is a form of exchanging clothes with a group of people for “new” clothes that one or more of those people within the group has previously owned. Organizing a clothes swap can be as simple as inviting friends and family to a gathering. It is a good way to get rid of unwanted clothes and get something new in exchange. It’s an activity that encourages circular fashion, where no clothes go to waste, thus expanding the garment’s lifecycle. With that, the previous owner knows where their clothes will go, knowing that they will be in great hands and not in the landfill. 



There are many people online that are willing to pay for other people’s unwanted garments and accessories. Depop, thredUP, Poshmark and even Instagram are just a few popular resale sites that people tend to utilize. Not only that those previously-loved clothes will find their new home, but the seller also gets an opportunity to get some money as well. 


Shelter Homes 

Connet discussed her experience and opinions on donating to various shelters.


“When I was in high school, I was involved in my school’s club dedicated to helping women in my community escape domestic violence or other dangerous situations,” Connet said. “One thing that was always needed was clothes. Donations to the women were always steadily flowing in, but the thing that almost always got overlooked was clothing for the potential children entering the shelter. In many cases, there wasn’t enough time to collect clothes except for the clothes on their backs. Seeing this issue, my club asked fellow classmates to donate unused clothing.” 


Around Kent, people are able to donate their clothing and other garments to Haven of Rest Ministries in Akron, The City Mission in Cleveland and Refuge of Hope Ministries in Canton. 

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