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photo by emma lammermeier

the winter lookbook

Emma Lammermeier December 25, 2021

The winter season offers unlimited options for layering and incorporating different clothing for every occasion. Although the intention of dressing for the cold is more for warmth, trying out...

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photos by emma lammermeier

‘60s space age futuristic shoot

Emma Lammermeier October 10, 2021

The modern day recycled trends of go-go boots, colored tights, metallic clothing, funky wigs, heavy eyeliner and bright colors, originate from the Space Age era in the 1960s. Today, people are finding...

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Photo is taken by Emma Lammermeier

Running Day to Day Errands in Style (Photo Story)

Emma Lammermeier April 29, 2021

With the pandemic changing everyone’s lives, many have found themselves getting dressed up to do mundane activities. Whether it’s grocery shopping, getting the vaccine, going for a walk or even doing...

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Photographers socials: @thebasement.analog @emmalammmm
Models social: @katecrake

Dreams Photo Story

Emma Lammermeier December 4, 2020

Dreams, Kent, Ohio. This photo story was inspired by Fleetwood Mac's influence on 70's modern-day fashion. These photos of Kate Crake tell a story of a mysterious girl loitering in a field. Kate's red...

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Film photography by Emma Lammermeier

Modern Day Skate Culture

Emma Lammermeier November 4, 2020

Today in pop culture, trends from the ‘90s and Y2K era are becoming more transparent in the lives of young people. The reappearance of these styles is happening now and is present in different ways....

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