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Photo by Dose Juice on Unsplash

healthy foods for healthy skin

London Green December 17, 2021

The saying goes: when you look good you feel good. When it comes to your skin, it can be a never-ending battle keeping your complexion clear. We try endless face masks, facial treatments, gels, cleansers...

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Illustration by Maryrose Ceccarelli

everyone needs a tote bag

London Green November 2, 2021

Why does everyone need a tote bag added to their accessory list? Tote bags have so many uses to them, which makes them necessary to have. If you didn’t already have a tote bag, you will want one after...

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photo by k bodrock

improving your fall make-up look

London Green October 26, 2021

It’s finally the fall season! Pumpkins, cute sweater and boot combinations are all of the things we’ve been waiting for. One of the most important fall need-to-knows is the makeup aspect of the season....

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image by Kent State Museum- Marshall Shorts of Soulo Theory Creative

the debut of “textures: the history and art of black hair” at the kent state university museum

London Green September 24, 2021

“One of the things that was really important for me was that we allow people to see the humanity in Black beauty,” co-curator Dr. Tameka N. Ellington said. After being pushed back one whole year...

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Photographer is Greta Bell

mind and body: the benefits of aromatherapy

London Green April 21, 2021

I started to use essential oils in High School. The first oil I ever used was lavender. Playing two sports meant that my muscles were always tired and achy. After a hot bath, I’d rub a little of the...

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Illustration is by Abby Coe

impactful women in society

London Green April 8, 2021

In 1987, Congress declared that March would be National Women’s History Month. The month of March is when we take the time to celebrate the strong women who advocated to make life better for women in...

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Photography by: Victoria Black, 
Model: Christina Black.

makeup tips

London Green March 17, 2021

Do you ever sit back and examine your makeup after you apply it, thinking that you need a little pop to enhance your look? Well, that’s where I come in. When you do your make up, whether it be casual...

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