Einstein’s Attic

By Alyse Nelson

Across from Cherry Street, a little store with a special name, Einstein’s Attic, attracts people with a curiosity to find out what’s inside.

“They don’t know what we are carrying; that’s a mystery,” owner Sherry Dakes said. “People who shop in here can’t get a feel of what they really want. They probably like old stuff, and unusual.”

The name of the store matches with the unique products.

Dakes said the name of the store came from the co-owner’s daughter who thought the store carried unusual items that would be like what Albert Einstein would have in his attic.

Einstein’s Attic was originally located in downtown Kent in 2002. During the revolution of downtown, the store moved to Cherry Street across from the Kent Plaza.

Anthony Freeburn, 26, shops at Einstein’s Attic occasionally. He thinks the shop had a variety of trinkets to chose from.

“We import products from different places, such as Mexico, India and China, but mostly items are from auctions, tag sales and estate sales.” Dakes said.

Around 80 percent of the products are second hand, only small portions of goods are new.

India Pinero, a junior fashion merchandising major, said Einstein’s Attic is like an upgraded version of a thrift store.

“You can find windbreakers that you’ve never seen before, old fashioned hats that look new still, jean jackets that are trendy, all types of accessories, old fashioned radios, costumes and the coolest retro sunglasses,” Pinero said. “It’s a small store that needs to be known.”

Dakes works seven days a week, but works in the shop on Tuesday through Saturday. In her spare time, she reads newspapers and handbills, or goes to find new items.

“I love what I am doing. It’s fun, and I love it. I will work in here until I retire.” said Dakes.

The store is located at 115 Cherry Street across from Kent Plaza.

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