Kent State Street Style

Photo by Candace Sanders

Avery Niernberger, fashion merchandising major, gets her fashion inspiration from many different places including her fellow students.

“I get my inspiration from street fashion. I love just looking to my peers in the fashion school and how they style themselves.  Style is everyone’s way of expressing themselves,” Niernberger said.

Niernberger also looks to fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn. “She had a style that was timeless and she forever left her mark on the industry,” she said.

The fashion student also noted her style varies a bit. “(My style) honestly depends on what mood I’m in, because it can range from preppy to bohemian, but I also try to do my own twist to what is on trend,” she said.

Her current favorite look to re-create is more on the edgy side. More specifically a combination of suede, chokers, dark shades, strappy tops and dresses.

“My go to outfit is my black t-shirt dress paired with an olive jacket and accessories including a statement necklace,” she said.

Niernberger aspires to work for Sherri Hill’s headquarters in Texas, but has recently become a campus ambassador with The Social Life. In addition, she will be interning over the summer for a formal wear/bridal store called Dress Gallery in Kansas.


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