Rihanna Fenty x Puma

This fall, Queen RiRi, also known as Rihanna, debuted her Fenty x Puma line for the world to witness during Paris Fashion Week. Her line consisted of many different styles and trends. She included sporty, yet feminine chic looks with sweat pants, oversized sweatshirts, and calf length socks throughout. She also incorporated Asian fashions and influences that include silk numbers and patterned, embroidered flowers on her garments. There were also beautifully seductive lingerie pieces that the models hit the runway in. These pieces contained hints of see through, transparent fabrics and materials, chunky chokers and pearls. The atmosphere and aesthetic of the line is lacey, girly and chic with undertones of edginess presented through the chunky silhouettes.

At A Magazine, we’re showcasing her line and investigating some of the best looks she created. In the first look, you can clearly see the theme Rihanna was trying to portray throughout the entirety of her show. With her Puma sneaker line’s success on the rise, she took it upon herself to collaborate with Fenty. Most of the garments are oversized and baggy on the models; a trend perfect for the transition between seasons. In look number one, RiRi steps up her game by adding a giant pink bow to the front of her garment. She combines this with platform sneakers and calf length socks to harden the soft, femininity.

What we love most about this line is how RiRi incorporated pink, green and white tones throughout, while also bringing an extra spice to it. In the second look, you can see how her line is transitioning more towards the Asian and silk trends. The male and female looks run together seamlessly due to the similar styling in makeup and accessories.

In the last look, you can also see Rihanna’s movement towards lingerie inspired garments. This look, although very different, still pays homage to the original theme of the collection. What we adore most about Rihanna’s line is that one would be able to complete everyday tasks, while encapturing fashionable edginess at the same time. These looks are perfect for folks up north who wish to dress with style, no matter how many wavering the weather is throughout the year. Thank you, RiRi, for always slaying with your style and grace.


**All looks pulled from Vogue.com**

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