Smart Outfit Ideas for Going Out

Entering a girls bathroom on a Saturday night is kind of like the scene in Mean Girls when everyone freaked out, ‘cause the “Burn Book” got leaked. Well, a tad bit less dramatic, but basically, it’s a zoo in there. You have girls left and right in a tiny, two-stall bathroom. Some might be crying, and of course with your luck, there is no toilet paper left. Basically, we’re going to make it easy on you and give you three steps to think of before picking an outfit for going out.

Step one: do not wear a romper. I mean, yeah, it is super cute when you put it on (sober) but let’s be real, imagine yourself trying to take off the romper inside a two by four stall. Alright, now you have the romper off, and you’re completely naked. Half the time, those stalls don’t lock, so you have to call one of your girls over to hold that thing before some “rando” barges in on your naked self.

Step two: body suits are this fall season’s fashion trend, and I don’t blame you for buying a hundred of them. But, once again, think of how much maintenance those things require. You are a legit walking toddler, except intoxicated. You have to always make sure to button them back up right. Honestly, bending over trying to put every button back to its original state is a challenge. Some buttons could be wonky, and you could be that girl walkin’ around with their body suit crooked and some accidental, tasteful side-boob.

Step three: nothing too strappy, my friend. ‘Cause you know someone is going to get caught on you, and all hell is going to break loose. Quick story time: once upon a time, there was a girl who hugged her extremely intoxicated guy friend, and his arm went through five different loops in the back of her shirt. How, do you ask us? We don’t know, maybe a diablo.

So, we have three no way, never outfits, but we also want to show you readers an idea of a smart outfit idea for a Saturday night in Downtown Kent. The trick is to give the illusion of those trendy yet non-functional pieces by substituting them with party friendly pieces. For example, ditch the body suit, and pair some black skinny jeans with a black strappy cami. It’ll give you the same flattering silhouette a body suit does, but you’ll also be able to move freely- talk about the best of both worlds. Don’t walk out your apartment door without adding some originality to your ensemble. Add a longline bomber jacket, which something that is easy to wrap around your waist if you get too hot dancing. Lastly, a fashion forward trend that NEEDS to happen this fall; a bandana choker. Yes, ladies, we are bringing it to Kent’s campus this fall.

We know some of our tips might seem a bit rash and humorous to most, and we understand because we have done about every single step wrong this 2016 Welcome Weekend. Now that we took some notes for what NOT to do, next Saturday night, we hope all of us walk through Downtown Kent and have a fun, mess-free, ratchet-free weekend.

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