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5 fashion, culture podcasts to start listening to right now

Illustration and motion graphic is by Jacob Gran

I’ve always enjoyed the sound of music. Whether I’m walking down the Esplanade as I head to class or sitting at my desk doing homework, you can always catch me jamming out to the latest tunes. However, I recently started to listen to another audio form which I never thought I would get into — podcasts. I’m not going to lie, at first glance I didn’t see the appeal and thought they were incredibly uninteresting. But during the long months of quarantine, I wanted to challenge myself with trying new things and one of the things that made the list was giving podcasts a chance. Now, I’m obsessed.

Podcasts are a fun and easy way to gain insight on anything you’re interested in. As a fashion major, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to advice on breaking into the fashion industry. But there are so many podcasts out there among all genres, so there is truly something for everybody. In hindsight, it’s impossible to make a list of podcasts to listen to, because the list would be endless. However, A Mag has come up with a narrowed down list of some standout fashion and culture podcasts everyone should tune in to. 

The Business of Fashion

For all my fashion lovers out there, this one’s for you. This was the first podcast I ever listened to and I absolutely love it. Each episode features different fashion creatives and people in the industry that speak on events relevant to the fashion industry. From tackling systemic racism in the industry, to sustainable fashion, to talking about the future of New York Fashion Week, there is an episode of interest for everyone. If you’re interested in working in fashion or just have a curiosity about the industry from an insider’s perspective, then this podcast is highly recommended. 

Checking In with Michelle Williams

Yes, this is Michelle Williams from the forever iconic Destiny’s Child. Instead of listening to her sing, you can tune in to her talking about mental health. With special guests such as June Ambrose, Lecrae and Ilyasah Shabazz, Williams gets real about the seriousness of mental health and the hardships faced when taking the journey toward mental well-being. This is a newer podcast, having aired in Dec. 2020, but 10 episodes in and I have already learned so much and gained so much more perspective on the importance of self care and acknowledging that mental health is just as important as any other facet of our well-being. 

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

True to the title, anything really does go for this podcast. With topics ranging from fashion, cheerleading, relationships, anxiety and pet peeves, you get a true glimpse into the thoughts of Emma Chamberlain. I was definitely surprised when I first started listening to Chamberlain’s podcast. I was expecting it to be another influencer who used their platform to  say absolutely nothing, but I was surprised at just how insightful and honest she truly was. 

She connects with her audience by having some episodes of her answering questions from her fans. The podcast has a very open and honest structure, as if you were having a casual conversation with a friend. One of the memorable episodes was “Put Your Phone Down” where she dives into her relationship with her phone and the decrease of anxiety she has when she’s not on it.  

“Everything that happens on the internet is a big deal, everything that somebody says about me is a big deal,” she said. “It’s so easy to fall into that when you’re on it all the time and you don’t have a life outside of it.”

She’s not afraid to share her thoughts and her truth, which is probably why she gained a following of nearly 10 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. 

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Where are all my feminists at? Believe it or not, this is not another podcast where you are only given advice about womanhood. It takes a deep dive into analyzing what it means to be a woman and the experiences they go through. They do all this through a female perspective, which I believe makes it more credible and genuine. As a woman that’s stepping into my adult years, it’s interesting to hear the experiences other females have gone through and how to navigate it. Whether you consider yourself a feminist or not, this is a highly recommended podcast to listen to. 

Fashion Victims

I’m a fashion major, obviously I’m going to have more than one fashion related podcast on this list. Luke Meagher and Darnell Jamal do a masterful job of getting their point across in a totally entertaining way. If you’re looking for a podcast where they spill tea and give their opinions about the fashion industry, then you will definitely enjoy this one. They have a range of topics including the Victoria Secret fashion shows, red carpet fashion moments and a variety of different fashion weeks. The episodes are amusing and you can still walk away being more knowledgeable about the events happening in the industry. I’ve had my fair share of moments where I had to truly think about what it means to be diverse in the fashion industry and what that should look like. It’s thought provoking, funny and educational. What more could you ask for?

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