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Photographer: Talia MilewichStylists: Maria Melucci and Emma FoosModel: Flynn Holmes

Timeless Elegance

Kyariah Byrd April 9, 2024

In this forever-changing and shifting world of microtrends and internet fads, one style will always remain– timeless elegance. With timeless style, we see minimalism and elegance intertwine to create...

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Art by: Ceci Foley

Sephora 10-year-olds: When Did Kids Stop Being Kids?

Luiz Dal’Berto March 8, 2024

Barbie dolls, Play-Doh and LEGO sets are apparently in the past, and we better keep up with it.   Lately, people have been alarmed on social media seeing 10-year-olds coming into Sephora stores...

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Photographer: Tyana Barton
Models: Yamini Kumar and Ariane Robinson
Stylist: Ella Coombs and Ty Naya

A 10 Step Skincare Routine: Do You Need It?

Josie Burkhart February 28, 2024

Face wash, toner, serum, retinol, eye cream, exfoliator and essence. It all has to mean something. If your social media is anything like mine, then I’m sure your pages are flooded with skincare videos...

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Art by: Estefany Vasquez

A Decade in Style: The Evolution of Fashion from 2014 to 2024

Grace Clarke February 25, 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023 and adjust to the new year of 2024, it's an opportune moment to cast our gaze back in time and reflect on the significant changes that have unfolded, particularly in the dynamic...

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Art by: Hailey Demchak

The Resurgence of Headphones

Isabella Andrews February 21, 2024

Fashion is a pendulum.    Grunge, Y2K, ‘70s, ‘60s; the list goes on and on. Pulling pieces from parents’ closets, brands emulating vintage clothes and ravaging thrift stores. Trends never...

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Art by: Nica-Emmanuel Delgado

Can We Both Be Neutral and Loving About Our Bodies in This Digital Age?

Caitlyn Soya February 12, 2024

In an age where social media promotes too many beauty standards for us to keep up with, it can take a lot to improve our self-esteem. Recent terms like “legging legs” have given people more reason...

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Courtesy of Unsplash
Photographed by Gwendal Cottin

Hair Colors Through The Seasons

Josie Burkhart January 3, 2024

Mushroom brown, natural reds, bronde. We all know about fashion changing throughout the seasons, and so are hair color trends. With fall just passing and winter beginning, the weather is changing, and...

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Photographer: Megan Porter//
Models: Gillian Canacci and Olivia Shope// Stylist: Sophia Macro

2019 in Retrospect

Isabella Andrews December 27, 2023

Pastels, Emma Chamberlain, the original iced coffee infatuation, VSCO girls, niche memes, hot summer days, BROCKHAMPTON, painted calculators, “Chinese New Year” by Sales, checkered vans, “Slow Dancing...

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Art: Sydney Stevenson

Victoria’s Secret

Chloe Robertson December 2, 2023

For years, Victoria’s Secret has been known for their stick-thin models, each of them possessing perfectly toned stomachs, thin arms and unattainable thigh gaps. Along with their lack of diversity, Victoria’s...

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Photographer: Talia Milewich // Stylists: Emma Reichlin and Tippy Barnes // Model: Caitlin Hall

The Return of the Bob: The Truth Behind the Chop

Abby Friedman November 15, 2023

Rollers, blowouts and long-flowing hair have occupied beauty trends over the past few years. Your TikTok feed was probably filled with blowout tutorials and “How to Grow Your Hair Fast” videos, but...

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Art: Mikaela Gomez

Get Rid of the Fruit and Learn Your Real Body Type With the Kibbe System

Liana Boremsa November 12, 2023

If you grew up in the 2000s with access to the internet you probably stumbled across a “what body type are you?” quiz. The answers could include any of the following: rectangle, inverted triangle,...

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Photographer: Katelyn Nguyen // Model: Amanda Pan // Styling: Camryn Parker // Makeup: Katelyn Nguyen

The Evolution of Makeup: 2016 vs Now

Josie Burkhart November 12, 2023

The intense eyeshadow, heavy contour, defined carved-out brows, matte base and liquid lipsticks are all features from 2016 makeup trends. This makeup is not typical for today. Now, it’s the fluffy brows,...

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