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photo: hanna bailey // models: brianna keyes, frigillana la muneca, emma joffrion, kiara rodriguez // stylists: emma joffrion, kiara rodriguez, frigillana, brianna keyes, sam delima

the power of nail art

Samantha DeLima May 7, 2023

Artificial nails first originated in the high society of ancient Egypt. Queens such as Cleopatra and Nefertiti adorned their hands with nails made of ivory, bone and gold. Vibrant hues of red signified...

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art: diana peterkoski

my journey to embracing my wavy hair

Kayla Friedman April 11, 2023

For as long as I can remember, I hated my natural hair. Any time I let it air dry, it would look frizzy and have the worst stringy texture. I normally style my hair by blowing it dry or curling it from...

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photo by greta bell // model: liana boersma

facing pretty privilege as an asian american

Liana Boersma December 19, 2022

The halo effect, lookism, pretty privilege, whatever you want to call it, all operate on the same idea: those considered beautiful get more benefits, more opportunities and more adoration than those that...

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illustration: lillie leasure

celebrity beauty brands are taking over the beauty industry

kennedy coughlin December 16, 2022

The relationship between celebrity culture and beauty has always been a close one. In recent years, there’s been a boom in the production of celebrity beauty brands, most commonly ranging from makeup...

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illustration: lauren mobius

models open up about struggles in the modeling industry

Kennedy Coughlin December 2, 2022

For a long time, there has been an assumption in our society that models have the perfect advantage in life simply by being attractive, so much that it caused many people to only value them for how they...

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illustration by amy dudek

meet the internet’s current beauty obsession: bleached brows

Ava Scrabis November 21, 2022

Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows…maybe you like your eyebrows natural, maybe you like using makeup to draw them on, maybe you like them razor thin or maybe you don’t like them at all. If that's the case,...

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photo courtesy of hannah schneider // model: hannah schneider

meet hannah schneider, a plus-size creator advocating for body positivity

Fernanda Pasetti Bordin November 4, 2022

In a world where plus-size women are still disregarded and underappreciated by the media on a regular basis, influencers who preach self-love for all body types are necessary. Although plus-sized women ...

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art: emily hosey

chrome nails: the it trend for fall

Ava Scrabis October 8, 2022

Recently, TikTok timelines have been flooded with one of the newest beauty and fashion trends: chrome nails. Chrome nails, also commonly referred to as “glazed donut nails,” take your typical manicure...

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art: abby wilson

what brands have to learn from rihanna

Fernanda Pasetti Bordin September 30, 2022

Almost everyone knows who Rihanna is, but in the past few years, she has been less well known for her music career and more for her enterprises. Fenty Beauty, her cosmetics brand, is estimated at $1.4...

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art: ceci foley

a mag’s tips for finding a perfect foundation match

London Green September 19, 2022

Wearing makeup enhances the beauty that one already has. Makeup can be fun, creative and even challenging. One major component of the makeup equation is foundation because it is the base of your entire...

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photo: pierce bartman // assistant: sophia lucente // model: sierra rios

monochrome neutral

Pierce Bartman April 27, 2022

This shoot ended up being all about going with the flow. We had to do some adapting during the shoot because of a wind advisory and the fact that the backdrop also apparently doubles as a sail. Despite...

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photo: miguel bruna on unsplash

five simple styles for natural black hair

Macie Sadler April 4, 2022

Hair is an important part of the Black community. It can bind Black people of various ethnicities together, from African, to Caribbean, to American. From the afro to the box braid, natural hair is a...

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