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Photographer: Tyana Barton
Models: Yamini Kumar and Ariane Robinson
Stylist: Ella Coombs and Ty Naya

A 10 Step Skincare Routine: Do You Need It?

Josie Burkhart February 28, 2024

Face wash, toner, serum, retinol, eye cream, exfoliator and essence. It all has to mean something. If your social media is anything like mine, then I’m sure your pages are flooded with skincare videos...

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Art by: Estefany Vasquez

A Decade in Style: The Evolution of Fashion from 2014 to 2024

Grace Clarke February 25, 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023 and adjust to the new year of 2024, it's an opportune moment to cast our gaze back in time and reflect on the significant changes that have unfolded, particularly in the dynamic...

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Photographer:Abby Welden Models: Nina Gwin, Ashley Nolan, Natalie Phillips Stylists: Stephanie Mossop, Jenna Dixon

Stop Making Sense

Abby Welden February 25, 2024

The infamous band from the ‘80s, Talking Heads, has been in the spotlight recently with the rerelease of the “Stop Making Sense” A24 concert film. The concert film was originally released in 1984...

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Art by: Hailey Demchak

The Resurgence of Headphones

Isabella Andrews February 21, 2024

Fashion is a pendulum.    Grunge, Y2K, ‘70s, ‘60s; the list goes on and on. Pulling pieces from parents’ closets, brands emulating vintage clothes and ravaging thrift stores. Trends never...

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Art by: Andy Hackett

Masters of The Air: The History, Heroes, and Brotherhood

Caitlin Hall February 15, 2024

The ‘Masters of the Air,’ lesser known as ‘The American Eighth Air Force;’ were a unit of American bomber pilots that served and fought in World War ll against Nazi Germany, from 1942 to 1945....

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Art by: Melina Tripoli

“Barbie” Snub: Not a Feminist Issue

Rafaela Nesello Rotava February 12, 2024

The 2024 Oscars nominations caused an unexpected reaction from internet users, especially when it came to the Best Actress category. The audience quickly realized that Margot Robbie, who played the plastic...

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Art by: Nica-Emmanuel Delgado

Can We Both Be Neutral and Loving About Our Bodies in This Digital Age?

Caitlyn Soya February 12, 2024

In an age where social media promotes too many beauty standards for us to keep up with, it can take a lot to improve our self-esteem. Recent terms like “legging legs” have given people more reason...

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art by: Sophia Loparo

The Eccentric, Evolutionary Costumes of Bella Baxter in ‘Poor Things’

Nolan Ruth February 11, 2024

In “Poor Things”, Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos chronicles the Frankenstein-esque odyssey of Bella Baxter through her gained enlightenment and liberation reflected by way of her costuming.    Starring...

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Art by: Natalie Waggoner

Stop Pretending You’re Poor; It’s Not Relatable

Luiz Henrique Dal'Berto February 4, 2024

From the dawn of capitalism, there has always been a clear line separating the rich from the poor, serving as a reminder of the differences between classes. One has access to healthcare, education, comfort,...

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Photo Credits: Sam Delima and Kayla Friedman

Pitti Filati: Discovering Italy’s Most Influential Textile Trade Show

Sam Delima February 1, 2024

While Kent State’s fashion students are hard at work in Ohio, 4,000 miles away at the KSU Florence campus, students took a glimpse into the world of knitwear and yarn. This week, the program’s “Study...

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Unsplash, Photographer: Bruno Araujo

The Evolution of Aubrey Graham

Abby Friedman February 1, 2024

This Canadian rapper has released eight studio albums, three compilation albums, one collaborative album, four extended plays and seven mixtapes. His first album was released in June of 2010, and he has...

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Art by: Natalie Waggoner

Congolese Fashion: Uplifting a Country in Need of Salvation

Sam Delima January 29, 2024

In a world dominated by polarization, we all still ask ourselves the same question every morning– what am I going to wear today? Even those who do not realize it, contribute to the fashion industry,...

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