Holy Croquis

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1780 students in Kent State’s Fashion School.

23 fashion illustration classes.

1000 croquis created and submitted for a grade each week.

This is the key combination for fashion design students across Rockwell working on designs.

Rendered in color and adorned in doodled dresses or stark naked on the page, these little figures differ depending on skill level and class curriculum.

French for the word sketch, a croquis is both a drawing of a fashion model and a piece of a designer’s personality. Furthermore, fashion illustrations are an expression of the creator’s artistry and individuality. After learning the basics of body and garment movement, designers earn the freedom to modify and portray their models as they please.

Ever wonder what goes into those helplessly beautiful, sometimes unintentionally creepy, croquis of Kent fashion majors?

“I love the delicacy of final rendered figures,” junior Lindsey Myers said. “The power a single line can have to convey an idea is incredible.”

Myers incorporates her personality into her work by “being simple with my line structure and clothing choices”.

An admirable thing about drawing is the realization and development of personal style over time.

“I never noticed (my own style) until I saw other people’s work,” sophomore Cassi Jarvis said. “I became aware of how my drawings have similar features and how they stand apart.”

Take a gander through the slideshow to see a diversified handful of the many croquis of The Fashion School.