How to Keep Your Spirits Up This Winter


College is a time with many busy days and busy nights. More often than not, this lifestyle brings about breakdowns and freakouts, occasionally resulting in tears, screams and complaints.

At this point in time, all of these feelings of annoyance, pain and stress are blamed on the lovely, late arrival of the winter season. To state it plainly, the college lifestyle isn’t easy when spirits are high on sunshine, let alone when windy, negative degree days make everyone’s cheeks go numb across campus.

To halt some of the negativity that suddenly arises after the warm weather fades, we have created a helpful guide designed for use in December, January, February and, well, probably March. We have created a way for all of those who hold disgruntled feelings for Mother Nature this time of year to forget about their cabin fever and endless indoor days. A way to end the feelings of anger against the many dark and dreary days ahead and to be present and happy now, without hoping for warmer, sunnier moments to arrive sooner.

As the temperature gets colder , many of us are being pushed inside, even if we don’t want to be. This being said, there are many ways that outdoor lovers are still able to remain doing what they love most; being outside.

On campus specifically, the Kent State Ice Arena holds college skate night every Wednesday and the Recreation Center holds events such as snowshoeing and archery throughout the winter season. These enjoyable activities are easily accessible and allow for one to forget about the cold and simply enjoy the outdoors.

Although some may quite enjoy the frozen time that occupies our state for numerous months every year, there are some of us who do not. For those within this category, winter can be a time set aside for focusing on life indoors. Occupy yourself by pouring time into bettering your GPA, journaling all your thoughts and feelings, doing some yoga, reading a new book, just for fun, or my personal favorite, getting creative and making some art. It’ll make you feel better about the way you spend your time, and you’ll feel accomplished even while inside.

If you need some time away from your room or feel cooped up in your home, take a break like freshman fashion merchandising major, Bella Bowman does, “I like to go to a small, warm coffee shop where I can take some time to relax.” Making a move to leave the house, will make you feel increasingly productive and still allows you to stay inside.

In addition, being okay with the wintertime could be made easiest through merely adopting all that comes with winter. Hearing that right now, it may seem slightly intimidating, but it’s much easier than you may believe.

As it snows, appreciate the beauty of snowflakes and the crisp white color everything is completely enveloped in.

Freshman photo illustration major Alyse Nelson takes in the world through her camera. She says, “everybody looks good in the snow.”

Take that as advice to go outside and snap some photographs of your favorite people and places. Remember too, the days snow is most prominent are the days that the sun is at its brightest as well. You’re also completely free to sit inside and enjoy snuggling under piles of blankets, and watching Netflix, without having anyone begging you to take a step outside.

On the days when you feel entirely swept away and overwhelmed by the cold, take a couple moments to give yourself a reminder of the warmer days of summer. You can paint your nails a bright color, or layer your favorite summer tank under your favorite winter sweater, sometimes the best things come with a little compromise. You can make your home or dorm room feel brighter and not so dismal, by planting some cacti in colorful pots and placing them on the sills below your windows. They’ll make your indoor space feel like your own outdoor oasis and be a constant and easy reminder that summer will again return in all its beautiful glory.



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Photos By Nico Ciani