What to Wear for Test Day


Photo by Anastasiya Akhundova

It’s test day, and you’ve stayed up late for the last three nights studying. You wake up exhausted, but you get an extra large coffee prepared to take your test. As you walk into class, you notice half the class looks like they slept less than you, while the other half look like they spent most of their time getting ready.

There are always those students who look like they just walked off the runway and students who look like they just woke up from a nap, but why on test days do the extremes become so apparent?

“I do like to dress up, actually because my boyfriend told me if you look good and feel good you’ll do good,” said Madeline Miller senior fashion merchandising major, who wears mostly dresses on test day.

To some, comfort is the most important thing to get through an exam. To others, it’s plans to go to the rec center after turning in the test, or even a nice long nap. On the other hand, dressing up immediately gives the impression of ‘I care about this’, so dressing up for an exam is that student saying I care about this test and my grade. Or maybe she is saying ‘even if I fail this, I’ll at least look good if I fail.’

“I like to dress up because I don’t want to feel like a slob, and you need to dress for success,” said Lyndsey Bailey junior nursing major, who wears jeans and a nice tee shirt on test days.

Preparation is key. When it comes to tests, everyone studies differently, so it’s only expected everyone dresses unique as well. It all comes down to preference on whether, to study extra hours, or to have an all night cram session. It’s the same for appearance while testing, everyone presents themselves in a way that fits their personal expectation.

Next time you prepare for a test think about your testing habits. Maybe you spend all your time studying because your grade is more important to you, or maybe you’re dressing well in hopes to create confidence to improve your score. Either way next test you will look and be as prepared as you make yourself, whether that is studying for hours or preplanning your ensemble.


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