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Weird Thrift Finds


If you thrift anywhere nearly as much as I do, then I’m sure that you have also come across the occasional item that makes you wonder how anyone could have pulled that off… ever. From silver cowboy boots with the word “Bad” stitched across the bottom to leopard print high waisted jeans — I have seen it all.

Though there are many trends that should not resurface any time soon (goodbye clogs) — there are also many opportunities to give a new name for those “ugly” thrift store goodies. So, in honor of all of those neglected “ugly” items, we have come up with a list of the weirdest and worst things you’ll find in your neighborhood thrift store — and why you need them in your life.

90s Maxidress

You have probably noticed the rack of neglected dresses that sit in the back of every thrift store. Maybe you have even sifted through the selection of floral maxi dresses and sequined bodycon dresses, but you still haven’t taken the dare to rock one. A great 90s maxi dress can give you that perfect authentically grunge outfit – while not totally overdoing it. My personal favorite is a fitted plaid dress that I pair with with a black turtleneck and chunky black boots.

Men’s Button Up Shirt

This is the perfect piece to invest in, especially if you love to rock theandrogynous look. The beautiful thing about the button up shirt is there are so many different styles, and you can find them all at your favorite thrift store. You can wear it as it’s intended – as a shirt – or a jacket, dress, or somewhere in between. I wear my button down shirt with high-waisted jeans and heels. To really go for the androgynous look, pair your shirt with boyfriend jeans and chunky boots.

Wide Leg Capris

No, wide leg capris aren’t just for your neighbor Janice who lives alone with her cats – they are actually super fashionable when given a little (okay, a lot) of love. The perfect pair will come a little shy of your ankles and have a generous amount of flare. These are even sweeter when paired with a flowy top, chunky heels or boots and bold jewelry.

Bright Windbreaker

Windbreakers are just ugly enough to shelter you from the weather – so why can’t they be ugly enough to, dare I say it, be cute? In past decades, these slick jackets weren’t just for the bold and weather conscious, they were for everyone. So why are we so afraid of them? Maybe it’s because our mom would be proud of this purchase. I found my silver windbreaker at a garage sale, and let me say, it’s one of the warmest items that I own – and it looks so cool! Your windbreaker will scare away the weather (and the haters) when worn with equally vivid booties and ripped skinny jeans.


Though not every robe can be styled to look amazing, there are so many options when it comes to these pretty pieces. Opt for the robes that are sheer and silky – these are the kind that can be worn as kimonos and cover-ups. I pair my robe with minimal dresses and accessories.DSC08540DSC08559DSC08566DSC08569DSC08572DSC08583DSC08602DSC08608DSC08613DSC08614DSC08618DSC08621DSC08642DSC08644DSC08696DSC08713DSC08722DSC08727DSC08736DSC08788DSC08812DSC08815DSC08868DSC08869DSC08877


Photos By Anastasiya Akhundova


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