Thrifting 101 Series: Shop Minimalist in the Spring


Spring is officially here, which for many of us means tucking away those favorite minimalist winter staples in the back of your closet and welcoming in the arrival of brighter colors and shorter hemlines. Though, with the popularity of edgy minimalist designers like Alexander Wang, Black Blessed, Kanye West’s line and Yeezy, many more of us are beginning to reconsider the seasonal switch.

Spring may come bearing promises of color and warmth, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch that cozy chic sentiment of the winter months.

So, if you’re still looking for ways to wear that moody leather jacket, let this be your essential guide to the thrifted minimalist Spring wardrobe.


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  • White Shirt, Forever 21, Bronze Necklace, Forever 21, Multi-Color Maxi Skirt, $10, Einstein’s Attic. Smith Sunglasses, $119, Earth Fare, Butternut Blazer, $20, Einstein’s Attic, Vintage Travel Button Up, $7, Einstein’s Attic. Photo by Gina DeSimone

  • Flounce Bib Dress, $39, One Love Yoga and Boutique, Brown Booties, $20,blue /A GOODWILL® BOUTIQUE /, Coffee Blazer, $20, Einstein’s Attic, Lennon Sunglasses, $5, Einsteins Attic. Luggage from Diane Von Furstenburg. Photo by Gina DeSimone

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This is an easy find in thrift stores with racks of rejected textures straight from the 80s and 90s. Texture looks best when paired with simple solid colors. My personal favorite is a pair of textured high waisted white pants my mom used to rock back in the day. I usually pair them with a solid black crop top and woven sandals to keep them fresh for the Spring.

Denim on Denim

This is a winter trend that translates well into the warmer seasons. The beauty of this trend is there are so many different ways to rock the look — whether you feel passionate about boyfriend jeans or you love sporting the same wash from head-to-toe, there is something in this trend for everyone. I like using menswear as an inspiration when pairing vintage boyfriend jeans with a stiff denim t-shirt and converse. You can create a more feminine silhouette by adding wedges and silver jewelry.

Limitless Layers

There are times when a minimalist outfit can almost seem… lackluster. To add more dimension to a lackluster outfit, invest in pieces that create interesting shapes. Create lines that are suited for warmer weather – think solid crop tops, long t-shirts and dresses that create a unique silhouette all on their own. When all of these shapes are paired together they create lines that can be both flattering and interesting.

Sweater Weather Forever

I love sweaters — so why should I have to give them up in the warmer weather? Why can’t it always be sweater weather? I love pairing my grey slouchy turtleneck with a pleather skirt and chunky heels. Also, let’s face it — Ohio weather always has us guessing, so maybe it is best to keep your favorite sweaters around for a few more months.

Accessories are Necessary

Some of the best accessories I have found are from antique and thrift stores – costume jewelry that was intended to be transformative – and it can still be! Accessories are necessary for those days when you find yourself clad in black from head-to-toe and you need a few pops of color to add dimension to your outfit.

Menswear is a Must

Adding menswear pieces into your wardrobe can keep your minimalist aesthetic fresh for the Spring. Menswear inspired trousers, button-down shirts and masculine silhouettes created by slouchy jeans and jackets can add a toughness to your wardrobe that you didn’t have before. These are the some of the easiest things to find at a your local thrift store because these are the unloved essentials. Even by itself, a slouchy t-shirt can take any outfit to the next level.


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  • Smith Sunglasses, $119, Wild Earth Outfitters, North Face Backpack, $109 Earth Fare, Green and Yellow Bandana, $1.25 each, Einsten’s Attic, Parrot Royal Shirt, $15, Einstein’s Attic. Photo by Gina DeSimone

  • Smith Sunglasses, $119, Wild Earth Outfitters, Green and Yellow Bandana, $1.25 each, Einsten’s Attic, Parrot Royal Shirt, $15, Einstein’s Attic. Photo by Gina DeSimone

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