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FS2 Spotlight: Kristen Faber



Name: Kristen Faber

Major: Fashion Design

Year: Senior


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Being a fashion designer isn’t easy, but it definitely has its perks.

Kristin Fabar, a senior fashion design major, will had one of her pieces featured in the Fashion School’s Annual Fashion Show  – Crescendo. A Magazine sat down with Kristen and talked to her about what it’s like being a fashion student and being part of this year’s annual fashion show.



AM: What was the process like to get your collection approved to be in the show?

KF: It was a long process of patterning, sewing, dying and finishing. It was worth the hard work and long hours, but I’m honored that my piece was accepted.



AM: How did you feel once you find out your piece would be in the show?

KF: Really excited and surprised. I’m honored to have something to show Kent State.



AM: What is your collection inspired by?

KF: My collection is inspired by microscopic plant cells. It’s a knit wear based collection with a Djibouti print.



AM: When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

KF: I’ve known since I was little. I remember watching “What Not to Wear” all the time and being inspired. I would draw designs and my senior year in high school I learned how to sew.



AM: What are you most proud about for this years fashion show?

KF: I’m proud and honored to be in the show. I’m also proud of all the designers, and I can’t wait to see everyone’s work.



AM: Who are your fashion icons?

KF: My fashion icon is Ralph Lauren. He’s a huge fashion designer who started his own business .


AM: Did you study away or abroad? What was that like? What valuable life lessons did you learn from that experience?

KF: Yes. Fall of junior year I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and spring of that year I studied in New York City. Both were equally amazing. Florence taught me how to explore the world. Europe is one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world – the industry is different than American designs (as well as the aesthetic & design process), it was really inspiring. In NYC it was hustle and bustle. I interned at Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator Knit Wear. I worked a lot but had an eye opening experience. I would recommend studying away to students.


AM: What is your advice to someone pursuing fashion for school?
KF:  If you love it, you’ll do it. Some days are rough, and you just have to push through it. I wouldn’t change my major for anything.


AM: Has anyone been a mentor/inspired you at the fashion school?

KF: My Portfolio teacher Sara Snyder. She’s really helped me and elevated my work.


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