what is a rising sign?

When it comes to astrology, most people are familiar with their sun sign which is based on birthdays. The sun sign determines the outer self, or how you behave most of the time. It is the conscious mind.


Another sign people may be familiar with is their moon sign. This is determined by the moon’s position in the sky at your time of birth. The moon sign determines the inner self. It is the subconscious mind, determining your emotions.


So what is the rising sign? The rising sign, also referred to as the ascendent sign, is how others see you. It determines your appearance and the impression you leave on people. It is the unconscious mind. 


With this in mind, it is simple to understand why the rising sign can affect your fashion style and how you present yourself… pick up our print issue to read more on that.


How can you find your rising sign?

A person’s rising sign is determined by the zodiac that is rising in the intersection of the eastern horizon and the ecliptic at the time of their birth. The rising sign will change approximately every two hours because of how the Earth rotates. This means that every zodiac sign is passed through within the 24 hour period.


To find yours, you must know the exact date, time and location of your birth since it is based on what sign is at the horizon at a specific time.


The easiest way to determine your rising sign is to plug your information into an astrology website like cafeastrology.com.


What do each of the rising signs mean?

Aries often come off as powerful, independent people. They tend to also let their competitive spirit get the best of them sometimes.


Taurus are strong willed, yet extremely kind individuals. They are very dependable because of this combination.


Geminis are often seen as talkative people. This can make them seem very charming and make them good public speakers.


Cancers come off as one of, if not the most, nurturing signs. Their intuition and sensitivity allow them to empathize with others and provide comfort for them.


Leos are often seen as bold and fun individuals. This is because they exude confidence and know how to light up a room.


Virgos are organized to the point of perfectionism. This can make them seem intimidating to others.


Libra is all about balance and partnership. Because of this libra rising are often seen as beautiful, sweet, romantic individuals.


Scorpio risings tend to appear mysterious yet enticing to others. Scorpio is a very sexually charged sign, so that inherent allure can certainly intimidate some people.


Sagittarius risings usually appear to be the life of the party. These individuals are tons of fun and their energy is contagious.


Capricorns are often perceived as skilled and successful people. They tend to have mature and leadership qualities about them.


Aquarius tend to be seen as unique individuals with a knack for innovation and intellect. They may find solutions in unexpected ways, but they will find the solution nonetheless.


Pisces are usually seen as the sign with their head in the clouds. Their mind is usually multi-tasking, but that is no bad thing. It allows them to have empathy for a variety of situations.

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