A Lasting Impression From the 1920s

The Kent State fashion museum currently has a glamorous display of 1920s clothing. Maybe it’s fashion designers like Coco Chanel, or maybe it’s the stories of speakeasies and flappers that create the romantic appeal of the 20s. Either way, the 1920s made an impression.

Chanel played a big role in changing women’s clothing from restrictive dresses to the more moveable garments of the 20s. She detailed her dresses with beading and embroidery instead of extra fabrics and lace. They were simple, yet elegant and best accessorized with necklaces, most commonly strands of pearls.

The most important thing Chanel did for fashion and her brand was wearing her own designs. Her notorious flapper dresses originated from a dress she designed out of jersey, a cheap fabric typically used to make men’s underwear. Chanel turned the comfortable fabric into fashionable women’s clothes.

The flapper style exhibit shows the styles of the 20s and provides a glimpse of the fashion Chanel made popular. Take a look at the Changing Silhouettes show to see the little black dress trend Chanel also originated.

Her influence in the 20s revolutionized women’s fashion, but she accomplished much more. By accidentally getting a sunburn, she made tans fashionable.

In a display of modesty while swimming, she made trousers a hit for women. Chanel’s comfortable and fashionable clothes inspired by men’s fashion is what revolutionized the fashion industry.



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Photos By Anastasiya Akhundova

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