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The Student News Site of Kent State University

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The Student News Site of Kent State University

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illustration by katelyn niester

dear women in sports

Fernanda Pasetti Bordin March 30, 2023

Men and women may be equal on paper, but in reality, we're far from it. The sports industry is just one of many industries that discriminate against women. For example, when the media portrays male athletes,...

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photos by alexis wesie // models: kiara rodriguez and olivia grill // styling by alexis wesie, kiara rodriguez, olivia grill

a pop! of color

Alexis Wesie March 29, 2023

I have been feeling super nostalgic lately with my college years coming to an end. Recently I have been seeing and styling my own outfits with loads of color. This eye-popping aesthetic seems to be coming...

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photo by cece kirk

a farewell to my teenage years

Caitlin Hall March 23, 2023

They say your teenage years are some of the biggest years of your life; the monumental moments, from going to high school, graduating and leaving all you’ve ever known to start a new journey. New friends...

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collage by ceci foley

i tried a capsule wardrobe for a second time and here are my thoughts

Kayla Friedman March 22, 2023

Last year around this time, I wrote an article where I tried a capsule wardrobe for a week. Spoiler alert: I was not a fan. A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of clothing that can be interchangeably...

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illustration: chandler newman

creating a community through reading

Gabby Adkins March 22, 2023

“To Kill a Mockingbird”, “Fahrenheit 451”, “The Great Gatsby” and “Macbeth” were a few of the books I, and many others, were required to read in high school. Many people, including me,...

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illustration: carolina barrera-arrieta

the significance of rihanna’s pregnancy announcement

Liana Boersma March 21, 2023

On Feb. 12, the Super Bowl LVII Halftime show opened with Rihanna standing on a suspended platform above the field, decked head to toe in red. As the camera panned out, she pushed her jacket open and ran...

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photo: emma lammermeier

solo travel diaries: my time in berlin

Finora Reilly March 21, 2023

I have never been to a city like Berlin. I have never experienced a city like Berlin. Maybe it was the city itself, maybe it was because this was the first time I truly traveled on my own. I would like...

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photo by zach brunotts

the fashion student organization celebrates 40 years with ‘80s fashion

Chloe Robertson March 19, 2023

Walking into the Kent State Hotel ballroom on March 18 means a front row view to fashion lovers in floor length dresses and fancy suits. A red carpet is stretched alongside big windows inviting students...

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photo by gracey jarecke // model: lana strejcek

like a girl: march editorial

Gracey Jarecke March 19, 2023

Pretty, athletic, smart or funny. Women are often categorized by one trait, straining to break out of the box that society puts them in. Female athletes struggle to be respected as “true” athletes...

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illustration by amy dudek

best celebrity fashion moments from paris fashion week fall 2023

Jillian Saliba March 17, 2023

Sometimes the best inspiration from fashion week comes from beyond the catwalk. Off-runway looks are also a major part of fashion week. Paris Fashion Week attracted celebrities from all over the world...

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photo courtesy of kelsi biondo

branded at kent makes sustainable fashion exciting

Chloe Robertson March 17, 2023

Kelsi Biondo went from vape shop retailer to vintage clothing curator when Branded at Kent owners Lance Calvert and Brendan O’Brien noticed Biondo every time they visited the vape shop where she worked.    “One...

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photos by harris cheifetz, devin feeley and brooke fenenbock // model: madeleine craven

fitting in in florence

Devin Feeley March 14, 2023

The Renaissance fashion of Florence, Italy, in the 15th century encapsulated a restrictive and rigid style of dress for women including tight corsets, ornate jewelry and unrestrained layering. Layering...

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