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The Student News Site of Kent State University

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Photographer: Talia MilewichStylists: Maria Melucci and Emma FoosModel: Flynn Holmes

Timeless Elegance

Kyariah Byrd April 9, 2024

In this forever-changing and shifting world of microtrends and internet fads, one style will always remain– timeless elegance. With timeless style, we see minimalism and elegance intertwine to create...

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Photographer: Abbey Monty Stylist: Stephanie MossopModel: Candy Autrey

Building Confidence Through Personal Style

Nolan Ruth April 8, 2024

Imagine the feeling of wearing your favorite outfit every day without the scrutiny of outfit-repeating. You would feel like a million bucks; everything fits exquisitely, and you identify with the clothing...

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Photographer: Felicity DickenModels: Fadhila Fofana and Mallory HughesStylists: Stephanie Mossop and Jenna Dixon

Modern y2K Is Not the Same as Authentic 2000s Fashion: Here’s Why

Josie Burkhart April 4, 2024

Ah, the 2000s, a time for low-waisted jeans, halter tops, Juicy Couture tracksuits, sparkles, the brightest colors, mini skirts, cargo pants and more. You either love this decade or you hate it. When it...

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Art by: Stella Skinner

How Pomegranates Came to Symbolize Womanhood

Rafaela Nesello Rotava April 2, 2024

Throughout art history, fruits have transcended their role as mere objects and blossomed into potent symbols. From grapes signifying abundance in celebration to apples representing temptation and knowledge...

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Photographer: Cassie McCoyStylists: Melina Williams and Ty NayaModels: Katie Pham and Eve Degiovanni

A Charmed-Life: The Popularization of Customized Jewlery

Abby Friedman March 21, 2024

There is something so eye-catching about the perfect jewelry stack. I don’t mean a simple chain necklace or a couple of bracelets, but rather when the jewelry becomes a prominent element of the outfit....

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Art by: Sophia Loparo

The Environmental Fallout of Celebrity Privilege

Rafaela Nesello Rotava March 20, 2024

In a world ruled by money, celebrities know how to take advantage of the luxuries their conditions grant them. Recently, many have discussed on social media the impacts of celebrities’ private jets and...

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Photographer: Veronica FedrovaStylists: Maria Melucci and Drew CarltonModels: Maria Melucci, Drew Carlton

How the Entertainment Industry Collaborates with the Fashion Industry

Olivia Weber March 19, 2024

The politics behind red carpets go unnoticed by many people who spectate these televised events at home. Behind the velvet curtain, many celebrities and fashion designers strike up deals and write checks...

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Art by: Natalie Waggoner

Ethel Cain Wants All Eyes On Palestine

Hannah Planey March 18, 2024

My ideal summer morning is something I’ll never be able to create accurately. It's a feeling more than anything else. I imagine a life not like my own. I awaken in an old farmhouse. It's quiet and still,...

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Photographer: Cecelia Kirk

Travel Diaries: “The Best Years of My Life” – Caitlin Hall

Caitlin Hall March 17, 2024

These are the best years of your life. They say to do everything, try everything, see everything. Do it while you're young, they say. While these can hold true, it's a sort of a message that becomes monotonous....

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Photographer: Autumn DasbachStylists: Tippy Barnes and Jenna DixonModels: Haleigh Suffoletta and Brett Ashley Richter

The Ethics of Reselling

Isabella Andrews March 15, 2024

Imagine walking into a thrift store, seeing a leather coat in excellent condition, and then seeing it be piled into a cart full of other things soon to be marked up and sold. For a reseller, it's a great...

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Art by: Candy Autrey

Let’s Put Down The WebMD

Hannah Planey March 14, 2024

I am a hypochondriac. I am 20 years old, I have three little sisters, I love watching TV and I am a lifelong hypochondriac. The first time that I think it became apparent that this was a problem for me...

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Art by: Pauline Forman

The Biggest Fashion Icon of the 21st Century

Abby Welden March 13, 2024

Zendaya Coleman, popularly known by her first name, Zendaya, has established herself as one of the most prominent style icons of today’s generation. Despite only being 27, she has proven to be one of...

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