Upgrade Your Spring Look

As the seasons start to shift, all of us are being teased with sparse, warm and sunny days that turn dramatically from good to bad and ugly. The sun turns into snow and below freezing streaks of cold pretty quickly now a days. With this inconsistency comes an impatience for warm weather to arrive and actually stay for a while.

It seems as though when light is able to be seen at the end of the tunnel, even just glimpsed upon, people become anxious for what’s next; they rush towards the warm weather and often jump the gun. We all become a little fed up with the snow and the potential days off, and instead yearn for being able to step outside without layers upon layers of clothing covering our bodies.

Although, days such as these should be relished in, it’s not always logical to be so gung ho on jumping into the next season without preparing yourself for it first. Take this little bit of time in limbo to upgrade everything and anything that’ll make you feel even more rejuvenated when the sun comes to stay.

To do this, you can start by updating the one thing many people get very excited about changing with the seasons; your wardrobe. You can either treat yourself to some new pieces, and invest in some new trends that’ll stand as good transition pieces from winter to spring, like sunglasses and light jackets, or update some of your older pieces. There are plenty of do-it-yourself projects out there that allow for recreation of t-shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts or old denim jeans.

You can cut the bottom off of an old t-shirt or sweater to make your own version of a crop top, it’ll pair well with your favorite high waisted skirts and bottoms. Better yet, explore the various cut and tie projects seen on Pinterest that create new, fun tank tops, you’ll feel proud of yourself for simply trying once you’re done, and may end up with a new favorite top.

All those old jeans can be upgraded with a simple snip as well, grab your scissors and cut off the bottoms for another pair of denim cutoff shorts, or destruct them with a razor and some tweezers; you can never have enough of either.

One of the most important aspects of upgrading, besides your wardrobe, lies in where you spend your time. Whether it be your home, your workspace or your car, add something new to the space that’ll lift you up and make you feel as though spring is really on its way. You could grab a new candle for your indoor spaces or a fresh, new scent for your car.

Give yourself some things to do as you wait for spring, paint new dishes for use in outdoor barbeques, when the time finally rolls around to do so. If you only follow one of these guidelines for updating your life, follow this one; clean out everything and anything you haven’t touched in the past four or five months.

You probably won’t miss any of those stacks of coupons to stores you never go to. Getting rid of all that unwanted clutter will free up your mind and your space, making you feel better all around and more prepared for the new season.

Last, but certainly not least, you should give yourself some time to yourself. It makes all the difference in giving your body a little boost this time of year, especially when you think all you need is some sun. Try to build up the amount of  nutrition being put into your body through eating any fruits and vegetables you can get your hands on.

Most fruit this time of year is not in season, but what you can find will still supply an abundance of nutrients. For more added nutrients, try drinking some tea, cold or hot; oolong, green and chamomile are some of the most advantageous. You should also be drinking plenty of water, which is a given throughout the entire course of the year, but even more so now.

The winter draws out a lot of moisture from both your body and your skin and drinking a good deal of it will help you regain it all. To energize your skin even more, you can try to get your hands on some fresh face masks, you can make them yourself or grab some from Lush Cosmetics, both will obviously have very little chemical preservatives in them, allowing for better benefits.

Finally, snip off some of your dead ends, change up your entire hair style or simply freshen up your current look. Both shift the way you feel dramatically and pleasantly. All of these tips and tricks will allow for a new you to enter the new season with a better outlook than you may have beforehand.


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