Kent State University is one of the top fashion schools in the country, so it only make sense that their fashion magazine is the leader in all things fashion.


A New Line For The Fashion School Store

Fashion faculty at Kent State University were searching for the perfect fashion design student to create his or her own clothing line. The line was then going to be featured in the Fashion School Store in downtown Kent.

Genuine Italian Leather

Leather has become a great accessory to own if you are in the mood to update part of your wardrobe or want to splurge on a fabulous, unique product.

Minimalism Is More

From top designers such as Jill Sander, Chloe, and Marlos Schwab, minimalism is a trend that is overtaking the runways. Minimalism is all about stark whites and the darkest darks coming together to create a crisp, classic style that looks good on anyone.

Makeup & Accessories

Bright Lips

Healthy Beauty

"Lush" Beauty