Behind the Scenes at Goodwill Fashion Show

Take a peek behind the curtain of any fashion show, and you’re bound to find controlled chaos as models, stylists, makeup artists and assistants rush to prepare for the show. Last week, I worked backstage at the Fashion Student Organization’s Goodwill Fashion Show. Stylists were to create outfits inspired by a

Pink and Blue – Passive or Powerful?

Colors brighten our world through outdoor scenery, art masterpieces and fashion creations. In addition, colors are very symbolic. From the day we are born, we are dressed in either pink or blue to convey the message “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” to the world. Pink makes some people think

Slogan T-shirts through Time

Slogan T-shirts truly embody Rachel Zoe’s saying “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” We are willing to bet that you have more than a few slogan T-Shirts in your closet at this very moment, and that is the reason they are a cult