How Lifting can Make a BIG Difference

Stereotypically, some women feel that adding any sort of heavy weight or strength training to their workout regimen will make them bigger and bulkier. That is simply not the case, so A Magazine researched and examined the facts about this common misconception. When lifting, a common myth among women is

Insta-ration: Instagram Blogging Basics

Achieving the perfect Insta feed is a full-time job. Many wonder how to stay consistent with their personal aesthetic with each post to maintain a pristine account. Instagramers who that follow one cohesive theme and incorporate the “blogger look” are all the rage. A Mag sat down with a few

Pro Hijab

On Monday, March 6, 2017 Nike unveiled their first Pro Hijab for female muslim athletes. Nike, known for catering to the needs of athletes, created their first ever hijab. The hijab is made of polyester fabric with small holes placed for ventilation. The resilient material of the Pro Hijab allows for

The Sociological Influence on Fashion

Most college students in contemporary society solely focus on budgets, convenience and personal style when it comes to fashion; however, most people don’t realize the actual meaning and focus of fashion. A Magazine has found that fashion is a means of conformity, as an expression of individuality, and as a

The Hybrid Cultural Costumes: International Talent and Fashion Show

The Office of International Student Affairs and International Student Council hosted their first International Talent and Fashion Show on the night of March 17 at the Kent Student Center Ballroom. International students participated in the event by showcasing fashion on the runway and performing traditional dancing. Paige Pinijkuldee, a sophomore fashion merchandising

More Than One Love

The door beeps, and a woman enters. She scans the shelves of accessories looking for something specific. Approaching the counter, she asks about thin leather bracelets for her husband. Tim Huth, One Love Yoga & Boutique owner, replies that they are sold out, and he picks up their display rack

Ditch The Myths

Wear whatever you want with zero fear. Often times people in our lives love to dictate what certain body types can and cannot wear. It’s time to think for ourselves, debunk style rumors and break style barriers. These are a few of A Mag’s styling tips on how to ditch

Men’s Skincare Routine

Over the past several months, the idea of beauty has strayed away from its women-only exclusiveness. Men wearing makeup, as well as taking care of their skin, has become more mainstream and acceptable, while brands like Covergirl, Maybelline and most recently Rimmel London have all made men the faces of