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Ahead of Time Halloween Costumes for the Clever, Creative College Student


tume that does not live up to its potential.

How about we make this year different and create costumes ahead of time? If you need some help thinking of that perfect costume, do not worry. A Magazine has got you covered.

Here is a list of Halloween costumes that will make you stand out.

The Coachella Attendee

This costume is surprisingly easy to put together. Take anything from your friends, your mothers and your own closet that is ironically hipster or just screams ‘70s inspired— anything that has a flower motif, fringe, denim, suede — or even a crop top is appropriate for this costume.

Your goal is to look as stereotypical as possible and can be easily achieved by wearing a kimono. You can go the extra mile by wearing round shaped sunglasses and a wide brimmed fedora or a flower crown.


Kylie Jenner

This celebrity has gotten a lot of attention lately, so why not celebrate that by being her for Halloween! Channel your inner Kardashian and put on some hip hugging clothes to show off those curves.


We  recommend either a black midi skirt or dress with some high heels. The makeup for this costume is just as important as the clothes, but also super fun and gives you an excuse to practice contouring.

Contour and highlight your face and finish up with black eyeliner, mascara, shimmery eyeshadow and either an exaggerated red or nude lip.  

Hillary Clinton

From one end of the celebrity spectrum to the complete opposite, try Hillary Clinton!

You will need a pantsuit, and most importantly, do not forget to adorn your same colored pantsuit with an American Flag pin and a “Hillary for 2016” button.

Hello Kitty

Take your cat costume up a notch and get more specific with this creative idea.

All you need is a pink dress, some cat ears and a pink bow to attach to the ears. Finish off the look with some whiskers and a nose, and you are all set.

Honorable mentions for other cat specific costumes include: the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, the Duchess or Marie from The Aristocats and The Grumpy Cat.

Kiss Cam

We couldn’t end this list without a cute idea for couples — Kiss Cam!

You will need a poster board large enough to frame your faces, a red marker and scissors.

Cut the inside of the poster board out in the shape of a heart and color the border of it red. Do not forget to add the words ‘Kiss Cam’ somewhere on the poster. You and your significant other are ready to go!

To finish off this costume, be sure that you are both wearing sportswear from the same professional team as if you were watching them at the stadium or arena.

Hope you find a Halloween costume that is just right for you. Remember to have fun and get creative!

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