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Battling Winter Skin Blues


While some may not give it a second thought, skincare should always be at the top of our to-do list. As the temperatures drop during the winter, the lack of moisture in the air combined with the cold is the perfect recipe for your skin to dry out.

If you’re stressing about your skin flaking up this season, all you have to do is turn to your classmates. A Magazine talked to Kent State students on their tips for battling the winter skin blues.


How to keep your glow

Hannah Rajan, a junior pre-pharmacy student, considers skincare the most important part of her routine. The makeup enthusiast shares her tips and tricks on her Instagram account, @girlbossglow.

“Hydration is key, even if you have oily skin,” Rajan says. “No matter how tired you are, at least cleanse and moisturize. Also, never sleep in makeup.”

Rajan has different routines for both morning and night. Both start with cleanser, toner and spot treatment. In the morning, she uses vitamin C serum and ceramide gel and at night, glycolic serum (“truly a must for all skin types”) and marula oil. To finish off, Rajan uses a hydrating mist and cream.

Rajan uses intensive lip balm throughout the day to minimize chapped lips and loves using face masks.

“I also try not to expose my skin to harsh winds,” Rajan says. “I’ll have my coat zipped up all the way and keep my face down if it’s super windy because it makes my skin burn.”

Keeping dry skin at bay doesn’t just begin and end with your makeup routine. Rajan recommends a silk pillowcase, which can be found on Amazon, and changing it once a week.

Have your own spa day

Khandi King, a junior biology pre-medicine student, usually keeps the same skin routine—washing her face in the morning and at night. She likes to do a cleansing face mask Sunday nights, and a moisturizing one Mondays to restore her skin from the previous night’s mask.

“I just change up a couple of things,” King says. “To combat dry skin, I use a face lotion and coconut oil to seal the moisture in.”

Mary Kay is one of her favorite brands. “I use Mary Kay a lot,” King says. “That’s where my masks come from and my facial lotion.”

King also recommends African Black Soap to help with acne scarring and breakouts.

Acne prevention

Lucy Richter, a junior business management student, also says acne prevention is a major key in her winter skin routine. Her skin is somewhere on the combination side.

“I use Burt’s Bees Sensitive Face Wash twice a day, and then Aveeno Face Moisturizer after I wash my face to help with redness and acne,” Richter says.

Sometimes she will treat herself to a moisturizing facial mask. “Luckily, my face has not dried out yet this winter,” she says.

Dry skin can lead to even more acne due to your body producing more oil to overcompensate for its dryness, according to Himalaius. Therefore, in the winter, you’re not completely in the clear from breaking out.

We all have different skin types and routines, but with these tips from other students, it’s not hard to find something that will work for you. Stay inside from the cold once in a while, and treat yourself to a face mask—you deserve it.

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