A Mag X Rent the Runway


As the colossal boulder of a weight is finally being lifted from your shoulders with the past couple of weeks full of exams, projects and presentations concluding, and you begin packing up your dorm room or suitcase with enough clothes fit to getting you through a month’s worth of time away from campus, you may begin to also realize that the holidays and all that comes with them have crept up behind you at an expeditious speed.

Among all that stress and that whopping to-do list you’ve been attempting to tackle, you subconsciously sidelined all the gift buying, the cookie making, the holiday party planning, the mental preparation of dealing with all your distant relatives, and began to feel a new panic set in: a recognition that you have yet to secure that perfect dinner party dress, the just-right accessories to pair with it and that ideal, compact bag for taking the town on New Years Eve.

So as you submit that last assignment, load up your car and simultaneously wonder how you’ll ever manage to conquer this new task, please feel at ease knowing we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help guide you along the way.

Photography Emily Baldwin

To help us get you the best possible collection of looks, packed with pieces fit for any party, every conversation with your grandparents or that one quirky aunt you only see once a year, and ultimately, provide a handful of garments capable of filling that very last, unchecked box on your list, we enlisted some know how and expertise from Rent the Runway.

The fresh, newly developed company, Rent the Runway, exists as a heavily curated, easy to use, clothing rental service, offering hundreds of pieces from high-end designers and brands, for any and every occasion you may need. They offer a multitude of options to ensure your rent with them is seamless; giving you a choice on different lengths of time for your rentals, a variance of sizes in pieces you choose for try on, membership opportunities for personally customized perks and discounts, free returns and the chance to keep your piece for good through purchase. Bottom line, RTR swears their services will allow you to explore your own personal style, maybe pushing you out of your comfort zone a little bit, while also allowing you access to brands you might not usually, all without having to make a huge financial commitment that typically comes with buying an item of such stature.

And they sure deliver on their promise.

Within this collection, we’ve created looks that emanate a powerful, eclectic edge to your classic holiday facade. Showcasing interesting silhouettes, stand-out sparkle and celestial details, these pieces from Rent the Runway may just be the answer to your end of the semester slip up. If you’re not seeing exactly what you’ve been hoping for in your New Years night out day dreams, you can take a gander at their website to find some gems of your very own. Regardless of what you choose you can use the code AMAGXRTR for a 30% off discount at checkout through January 7th.

Photography Emily Baldwin

We hope you enjoy scrolling through some of our dream holiday looks we managed to snatch  from RTR and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season, spent with all of those you love, from A Magazine and Rent the Runway.

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