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Thrifting 101 Series: Thrifting Essentials


Let me start off by saying how crazy I am about thrifting — I’m completely bonkers in love with the idea of recycling ideas and textures through decades of time. In our current shopping culture that seems to focus heavily on mass produced clothing, it has become more difficult to find unique things to wear.

This is the reason why so many have come to embrace the idea of thrifting  — a simple solution that will make you stand out while not breaking the bank.

For the first part of this series, I have decided to let you take a peek inside of my wardrobe. I will show off my favorite pieces and explain why they are the best essentials to start your thrifting wardrobe off right.

Denim Jacket

DSC07124This is one of my favorite pieces I found while at a consignment store in Pittsburgh. The perfect oversized denim jacket can be hard to find, but it is well the worth the hunt. This jacket paired with almost anything, gives off that effortlessly cool-girl vibe.

Even better is when it  comes adorned with patches, jewels or anything that adds to the novelty of the jacket. For those that are a little more artistically inclined, this could be the perfect project for you to undertake.

Printed Shirt

For anyone that appreciates a great graphic print (I know I do), a thrift store can be a special kind of paradise. Any consignment store you go to is sure to have racks chock full of these prints —  though admittedly one of the best places to search for these gems is in your mom or dad’s closet. While they may no longer appreciate that pink, yellow and baby blue color block t-shirt, chances are that you will jump at the chance to rock it.

Mom Jeans

Another one of my personal favorites, the mom jean possesses no limit of cool and durability. Any girl (or guy) knows that finding the right pair of jeans can literally be life-changing for your wardrobe, and finding the perfect pair of thrifted jeans can be equally rewarding.

Though there are a number of different brands and cuts to choose from, I opted for a pair of high waisted Levis. The best places to find vintage jeans are on sites like Etsy and Ebay where you can narrow down your results to find a pair that is suited to exactly what you are looking for.

Oversized Cardigan/Sweater

Regardless of your personal style, this is an item that everyone should own. This is a simple piece that can be found at any Goodwill and will look amazing when paired with your favorite dress or collared tee.

Maxi Dress

Though my dress isn’t the typical image of a maxi dress per say, it represents the beauty of thrifting and the fact that anything goes. Just a decade ago, thrifted maxi dresses were only worn by the select few who dared to venture back to a time when these lengths were in style.

Now that they are sought after by so many, it’s the perfect time to search those racks at Goodwill (or your neighborhood thrift store) for your maxi dress. With so many different styles to choose from, the options are endless.

Photos By: Anastasiya Akhundova

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