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REVIEW: I’m suing Yungblud for speaker damage


“I’m just a messed-up kid with sewn-up lips.” 

The line that made my tiny, secret emo kid heart immediately fall in love with Yungblud’s new EP, “The Underrated Youth.”

Dominic Harrison, known as Yungblud, released his EP on Oct. 18.

Have I listened to anything else since? None of your business. 

The six songs are a mix of punk, rap and soulful lullabies, all wrapped up in attitude and angst. While each song has a distinct sound and feel, they live together cohesively to form a sweet, little taste test of what I hope the future of punk is. 

The opening track, “braindead!,” is what I would have blared in my oversized CD player headphones when I was 13, as I convinced myself that riding a rip stick is just as cool as skateboarding. 

“I just wanna be pretty braindead”— the simple, repetitious yelling of an angsty-sick-of-it-all phrase echoes through this song. It made me want to jump around at Warped Tour one more time.

 In short, the EP is fantastic. 

“Parents” is filled with funky music and one-liners I currently am considering for an Instagram bio. “I brush my teeth with bleach ‘cause I ain’t got time for cavities” is the front runner. 

The English rapper released “Original Me” ahead of the EP. The song features Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds. At first glance, I was scared. “I lost Yungblud to average pop music,” I thought.  


The lyrics bring a refreshing, self-deprecating honesty that’s rarely found in music these days. The music edges a little too close to Imagine Dragons and sounds more produced than Yungblud’s past music. But if it means getting lyrics like “I’m so sick of me, wake up and hate to breathe. And I pride myself in that, so dramatic, I’ll admit,”, I’ll allow it.

“Casual Sabotage” and “Waiting on the Weekend” are slower paced and packed with emotion. “Waiting on the Weekend” feels like a new venture for Yungblud. 

This song is not angry or anti-establishment. The dreaminess is hypnotic as the lyrics paint not just a picture, but a feeling. 

“I spend four days messin’ ’round in my head. Could she be my lover or is this pretend? Till then, I’m waiting on the weekend”— a great end to a great EP that feels like many emotions beautifully rolled into one. 

It’s simple. It’s sweet. It’s probably my future wedding song. 

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