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Astrology: COVID-19 edition

Illustration is by Kelsey Paulus

Quarantine was undeniably a stressful time for everyone, no matter what day you were born. Each zodiac sign used their abundance of time differently. Horoscopes can often give us insight into our love life, friendships, money and future success. It can also tell us about how we behave. Here’s a prediction on how you might’ve quarantined according to your sign.


While quarantining, you probably felt super isolated from the world. Your sign has a tendency to feel lonely even when surrounded by loved ones. However, this gave you time to watch a lot of shows (like, five in one month.) If anyone tried to interrupt the Facetime call with your bestie, you were prone to blow up at them. You get super edgy over little things, meaning any petty issues with your quarantine partners caused a lot of yelling from you. This is a case of classic Aries fury.


As soon as quarantine started, you made sure to rush to the grocery store. You hoarded all the snacks but ate them all by the end of March. You made an attempt at the Chloe Ting ab workout, but quit after 30 seconds. Your version of cardio became napping. All the single Tauruses hit up their exes but immediately ghosted them. If you’re in a relationship, your bond with your partner probably grew a lot stronger. 


You definitely made the best of your time in quarantine. You made the Dalgona coffee from TikTok and loved it so much that you made it every day afterward. You can’t stand being alone, so you were always on Facetime with a friend. You made sure to add 100 plus rants to your private story too. As soon as places started to open back up, you were the first one in line. You made sure to turn on ghost mode though (to avoid being canceled.)


Cancers are not prone to change. You listened to the same three albums on repeat throughout quarantine. After seeing everyone’s amazing baking creations, you attempted to make banana bread, but almost burnt down your house in the process. You probably bought some color changing lights and had a dance party alone. There were a couple of times when you cried yourself to sleep for no reason, other than the fact that you’re a Cancer.


All Leos used their time off to their advantage. Not only did you master your skincare routine, but you learned to cook! You put your new skill to the test and prepared a perfectly executed four course meal, which made you very proud. When you left the house, you took two plus hours to get ready, even if you were just heading to the grocery store. Single Leos definitely downloaded Tinder just to swipe left on everyone. Leos in relationships made sure their partner was giving them all the attention they craved. 


You are the master of routine. In quarantine, you made it your priority to check off your to-do list, even if you were just lounging around the house. You cleaned your living space top to bottom, took multiple bubble baths and did a face mask to reward your hard work. However, you did not take COVID lightly. Virgos took their temperature twice a day and doubled up on the masks.


As a Libra, you get bored super easily. You probably spent a lot of time on TikTok and made sure to send your best friend every funny video on your For You page. One of your hobbies was learning all the TikTok dance trends too. Pinterest became your favorite app to get outfit inspiration for when quarantine ended. You also added a ton of stuff to your online shopping cart, but couldn’t decide if you should buy any of it. 


Scorpios all went a little stir crazy during quarantine. Scorpios already talk to themselves a lot, but you most likely had a conversation with yourself in the mirror. You desperately wanted to quarantine and chill with your crush. You made quite a few sad Tweets when you got lonely to let everyone know. Scorpios were very scared of getting COVID so you made sure to hoard all of your glittery Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers for the aesthetic.


When you get restless you gotta do something about it. You took a few late-night drives that involved blasting your favorite tunes. You asked your friends to hang out because you forgot there was a global pandemic going on. Although, you were also the one to host all the Zoom meetings with your besties. When you got bored, you watched a ton of movies and tried to reinvent yourself based on the cool main character.


Capricorns most likely watched the stock market more than Netflix. You got a little terrified about the future because COVID-19 wasn’t a part of your life plans. When scrolling through Instagram, you were super judgmental of everyone who wasn’t wearing a mask in their pictures. Capricorns took advantage of their unemployment check and bought a bunch of books they might not actually read.


You made sure to get outside every day for a breath of fresh air. These walks around your neighborhood became part of the daily routine. You spent a lot of time “working from home,” which really meant watching YouTube for eight plus hours a day. Aquarians like to do their own thing. You took up a new crafty hobby and gave all your friends a gift. This was the extent of your giving though. You probably made everyone you quarantined with do all of your dishes. 


You’re the master of coming up with new things to do when you get bored. Not only did you start a dream journal, but you also had a “spiritual awakening” that drained your bank account to buy crystals and sage. You lit a lot of candles and laid in bed daydreaming about all the adventures you’d go on when you could leave the house. One of those plans was to take a camping trip in the DMV parking lot to get your plates renewed.

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