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10 Covid Safe Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

photo: lisa helland

It’s that time of the year where everything is pink, red and heart-filled, whether you are spending it with friends, a significant other, or yourself, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. As this is the first [and hopefully last] February we are spending in a pandemic, I am here to share with you 10 things to do for the holiday while still being safe. Regardless of who you are, there are so many fun activities you can indulge in this month to celebrate while still remaining Covid-safe! 

  1. Spa night

Whether you’re alone or accompanied by others, self care is always a good time. Get a nice face mask, do manicures or pedicures, light a scented candle and call it a night. 

  1. Make something sweet

From the fancy trending cakes on TikTok to simple chocolate covered strawberries, making sweets is a classic Valentine’s Day activity. If you are not feeling as creative, you could just go to the store and pick up one of the many holiday themed treats they have to offer. 

  1. Dress up and take photos

There are few problems that putting on a cute outfit cannot fix. So, put on your cutest Valentine’s Day attire and start snapping photos. Pictures with friends and significant others are great, but even if you’re alone you can do the same thing by setting up a self timer to get those Instagram ready photos all by yourself! Cute photos can always be taken at home and if you are feeling really festive, you could even put together a backdrop for the photos, or take some photos on a disposable camera or a Polaroid.

  1. Try a Valentine’s Day makeup look

Red lips, pink eyeshadow or a simple peachy blush are some of the many ways to incorporate the hues of the love-filled holiday to your makeup look. You could even spice up your look with a colored eyeliner or mascara. There are plenty of makeup tutorials to follow regardless of your makeup skill level! 

  1. Watch a Romcom

What better day of the year to indulge in a cheesy movie other than Valentine’s Day? Alone or in a group, everyone can enjoy a good romantic comedy. I recommend “Valentine’s Day,” fitting isn’t it? 

  1. Make a craft

There are many crafts you can make to fit the theme of the holiday. You could buy a canvas, mug, or glassware and paint them, or even hand make a creation out of clay. 

  1. Cook a meal

Cooking a nice meal is always fun whether in a group or alone. Whether it is a meal catered to the holiday or your favorite comfort food, eating is always a great way to celebrate. And if you aren’t in the mood to cook, there is always takeout!

  1. Write Valentines

Making cute Valentine’s Day cards is a classic way to spend your time in the month of February. If you want to be old school you could hand make them and give them out to your loved ones or you could even put a modern twist and make digital cards. 

  1. Make jewelry

Necklaces, earrings and even friendship bracelets are all fun and unique creations you could make alone or with friends. You could give them as gifts or save them for yourself! 

  1. Create a playlist

Playlists are a great way to show your appreciation for someone, whether it be a friend, significant other, or just music you enjoy. Music is a great way to make a memory last forever or just to vibe and have a good time. 

There are so many fun ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day all while abiding safety guidelines and keeping you and your loved ones safe during the pandemic!

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