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In December 2020, a new Netflix series premiered called  “Bridgerton.” If you have not heard of “Bridgerton” before, it takes place during the Regency era in London and focuses on a young woman named Daphne, who is coming out as a debutante and is on a quest for love. The show has so many twists and turns to keep you at the edge of your seat. Not only is this show totally binge worthy, but it is setting fashion trends for spring 2021. The show became popular extremely fast and the fashion we currently are seeing on the streets and all over social media is all thanks to “Bridgerton.”

The costume designer, Ellen Mirojnick, created a collection of over 7,500 pieces just for this show. She also designed the costumes for “The Greatest Showman” and “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.” Mirojnick brings back the corset, puff sleeves, contrasting color palettes and the emphasis on natural beauty. If you don’t know what these are, stay tuned to spice up your closet with some “Bridgerton” magic.

Corsets first appeared in the 1500s and are tightly fitting undergarments that were worn to shape a woman’s figure. This Netflix original show has multiple scenes of characters trying to put on their corsets to wear under an empire waist dress. Now, many young women are starting to wear corset tops due to the influence of “Bridgterton.” Shortly after the premiere, TikTok was going crazy over a new form of lingerie Victoria’s Secret had released. This collection introduced a handful of floral corset tops that people began to wear casually with jeans or dressed up for a night out. These tops were seen everywhere. They sold out at many of the store’s locations very quickly and the price was raised once people continued to buy them. You can now also find cheaper corset tops in almost any store.

“Bridgerton” also brought puff sleeves into fashion. Most of these sleeves on the dresses in the show just cover the tip of your shoulder with the smallest little sleeve. This can now be seen on a lot of shirts but it has also developed into something different. Not only has this trend began on shorter sleeves, but it also has been seen in long sleeves as well. It definitely is more of a fancy trend than casual, but can be dressed down a little. These sleeves can be found on most if not all of Daphne’s dresses in the show. 

Contrasting color palettes are another huge thing this designer brought into current trends. Throughout the show, you notice all the bright colors paired with pastels to make beautiful gowns. Because of this, you can now see people wearing colors like hot pink, light green, purple, gold, blue, green, yellow and other colors you normally would not think to wear. These colors however, blend together very well and are cohere to one another.. 

“Bridgerton” also strongly emphasized natural beauty. Throughout the show you can see that none of the characters wear makeup, and if so, very little. All the girls focus on natural looks and girls are now being inspired to try to do more natural makeup when going out or just for a daily makeup routine. Natural beauty can also be seen on the runway which is super cool.

“Bridgerton” is definitely a super inspiring and trendsetting TV show that is not going away. The show is officially set for a season two, potentially in 2021, but more likely to be released in 2022. Mirojnick definitely conducted  great research on fashion  historically and brought it to life in a way that has clearly impacted many.

Hopefully these trends are not going anywhere any time soon because it is super fun to wear all of these garments and styles. If you haven’t seen “Bridgerton” yet, be sure to check it out on Netflix and share with us your favorite styles seen in the show.

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