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high-end handbag wishlist

Illustration is by Livia Kirasic

As a fashion follower, there are many things that I aspire to own, Doc Martens, Christian Louboutins and maybe even a Balmain swimsuit. By far the most sought after for me is handbags. There are so many brands and such a variety that I would love to have some sort of collection someday. Until that day comes though, I’m stuck doing just what I’m sharing with you guys today — making a wishlist. 

Louis Vuitton 

When I say that my first big bag purchase will happen, this will be the brand. I have a small coin purse/wallet from Louis Vuitton but nothing super expensive. The first bag that I want from Louis is The Neverfull MM. It’s a classic and for many, will be people’s first or only purchases from Louis Vuitton. Since it is a tote styleI th, ink I would get a lot of use out of it. 

The next bag from Louis Vuttion is the Croisette Chain Wallet. This bag is a lot smaller than The Neverfull MM and would be really convenient when going out, or even traveling. I wouldn’t need to carry around a huge purse and this bag is one that I can fit everything in and still fit in most places. 

The last bag, or in this case, cardholder, from Louis that draws my eye, is their cardholder. I have two wallets right now just because my other cards, which I don’t use as often, don’t fit with all the other debit/credit cards that I have. This would fit all the things that I need on a daily basis and it would fit inside my other bags.


The main bag that I want from Givenchy is the Medium Antigona bag in grained black leather. I have wanted this bag ever since one of my favorite YouTubers did an unboxing of a similar bag years ago. It’s a classy bag that would add a bigger option to my collection. Running at $2,450, this bag is definitely a budget stretcher. 

Another bag from Givenchy that I would love to own is their Cross3 bag in the same color as the Antigona. This is a smaller option just like the other Louis bag is, but this one has some added pizazz with an added chain to the design. 


There is only one bag that I long for from Chanel and it’s an icon of high class and timeless. This bag literally named Classic Handbag is black and gold and displays their classic diamond quilted print as well as their logo to open the clutch. This bag has been on my list since I was little, and I saw different celebrities from the ’50s and ’60s with that bag (Audrey Hepburn). I always thought they were the classiest things and they were so cute. 


YSL is one of those brands that I think people forget about sometimes. I personally love a lot of merchandise that they produce and some of their bags come in the CUTEST colors. The first bag I want from YSL is the SOLFERINO Medium Satchel Bag in the color Eros red. This bag sports their classic logo and is a really good size for going out or just keeping your bag on the smaller side. 

The next YSL bag that I would like to get is actually not a bag at all, it’s a wallet. It’s their monogram large flap wallet in grain de Poudre embossed leather in the color black. I love the look of the all-black and it seems like it would fit all that I need it to card wise and cash-wise. I could finally put everything into one wallet if I wanted to! 

The last bag on my wishlist is also from YSL and it is their Classic SAC DE JOUR baby in the color storm. This bag is really one that goes against some of the other bags in both the color and style, this one is more of a boxy bag than a classic tote but I still love it nonetheless. 

These are all the bags that I have longed for over the years. While I know some of them are unrealistic they could eventually come into my possession when I get older and have time to save more of my funds. Until then, I will continue to look online and at outfit inspirations that incorporate them. 

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