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Fashion Evolution of Harry Styles

Illustration is by Paige Brown

It’s been a little over a decade since the world was introduced to Harry Styles, one of the vocalists from the beloved boy band, One Direction. The band became extremely famous, extremely fast, and all five members instantly became international teen heartthrobs. 

Specifically, Harry Styles’ amazing voice, curly hair and adorable smile won over the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. After One Direction split, Styles soared as a solo artist. He continued to charm fans with his amazing voice and lovable personality, but there was one new thing that he brought to the table as a soloist that wasn’t as emphasized during his boy band era — his personal style. His constantly evolving keen sense of style has certainly differentiated him as an artist. 

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From his boy band years to his “Adore You” period, Harry Styles has come a long way in fashion. At the start of his career in One Direction, fashion clearly wasn’t his main priority. His look blended well with the times, but it wasn’t anything new or fashion forward. For the first couple of years, Styles could be seen sporting a polo shirt with a nice cardigan or the classic T-shirt and blazer. Every now and then he added a scarf as a small accessory, but nothing too major. The group tended to keep it synchronized on the red carpet, where they were seen wearing sleek and classic white and black suits. 

Around 2013 is when Harry Styles slowly started to up his fashion game. The world began to see some brown boots and skinny jeans action accompanied with the occasional Burberry shirt. The following year he added his hair into the mix by growing it out beyond his shoulders. The long hair, patterned shirts and silk scarves started the beginning of him adding traditional feminine elements into his wardrobe. His play on masculinity and femininity is something that remains an important part of his style today.  

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Styles officially entered the world of high fashion in 2015 where he went Gucci-licious. It was this year that he wore one of his most iconic looks, the floral patterned Gucci suit, at the 2015 American Music Awards. He got some major backlash with the outfit, but it was one of the first times fans saw him take a risk with his fashion choices. He left the night as one of the most talked about celebrities that walked the carpet. It may have been negative press, but it was one of the most impactful fashion statements he ever made.

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In 2017, Styles showed that his love for Gucci was here to stay. At the Dunkirk world premiere in London, which was also the debut of his acting career, he stole the show with a dark blue double breasted Gucci suit and red leather boots. The same year he also released his debut solo album, solidifying his fashion aesthetic and giving him a place as a rising fashion icon to look out for. 

Photo Credit: W Magazine

What truly made his sense of style stand out was his ability to blur the lines between masculinity and femininity. Flared pants, floral prints, bold colors and heeled shoes made constant appearances in Styles’ wardrobe. One would think all of those style elements would look bad, but he always made it work. On or off the stage, Harry Styles always made it a fashion moment to remember. 

Think of his blue sheep patterned sweater vest matched with baggy blue pinstriped pants and pink boots that he wore as he walked the streets of New York in 2019. Or his legendary Met Gala look consisting of loose fitted high waisted trousers, a sheer black top and a single pearl earring. 

More recently, Styles turned heads at the 2021 Grammy awards with a dark Green Gucci suit draped with three different faux-fur boas that he alternated throughout the night. 

Photo Credit: E! Online

There’s no question that fashion has become a part of who Harry Styles is. He is no longer the 16-year-old boy that wears a T-shirt and skinny jeans. Styles has finally lived up to his last name and given us some groundbreaking looks that will forever have a place in our hearts.

He has already served draw dropping looks in 2021, and we’re only four months in. Each year he has experimented more and more with fashion choices, proving he is the icon we all need. At 27-years-old, Styles has already come so far and we’re excited to see where he continues to go. 


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